Misreading vet paperwork

So, apparently I cannot read vet paperwork correctly this week.

Jamie and I had set up a appointment with a low-cost vet clinic to get Izzy-butt two shots she needed (Distemper and Rabies because she needs them and we don’t want our puppy getting sick or contracting rabies from those damned groundhogs behind the garage) and we distinctly remembered being informed that she needed boosters when we adopted her. After giving the little wiggle-butt a bath, I found her paperwork, and we were off to Planned Pethood.* Then we realized that something wasn’t right.

The paperwork shows two separate expiration dates and apparently I misread them. I called their office and asked a few questions and found that Jamie was right and we do not need to head up there for puppy-shots. Izzy is due for these shots in January of 2012. I asked if we could cancel, they said sure, and I apologized for my stupidity.

The plus side to this is that Izzy got to go on a car ride, which is great because she hasn’t been on a car ride in a little while and she needs to remember her manners before Sunday. She’s in the jumpy stage again, but that is completely my fault. I’d been making a shirt for her and the best way to get her to let me put it on was to have her jump up onto my stomach so I could get her paws in the sleeves and make marks for where I needed to cut. I should’ve gotten a photo of it on her before I started with putting words on it.


* – I love Planned Pethood. They have an update on their Facebook that Little Miss Leanna got adopted! We fostered her for a short time and she was such a great dog, but it was so sad seeing that she waited so long after we fostered her for someone to adopt her. There are photos on their FB of her big pittie grin and ready to go on to her new life. It was great!


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