This is Bubbles, she is a 3 month old grey tabby (and Tiny‘s sister). She is a cautious kitten, but if you hang out with her for just a few moments, she is full of rumbles and is ready for scritches. From our short time with her, we found she’s more interested in hanging out than playing with toys.

We found that when going to hers and Tiny’s cage, it can be a little hard to figure which is which. But we realized that Bubbles has swirls on her sides. On her left side, it looks like a 6 and on her right side, it looks like a backwards 6. Her tail also has more black than her sister Tiny.

She was a really sweet kitten and acted more like our Uggs (hanging out and relaxing) than her sister (who was very curious and interested in everything). But, I am sure that we just haven’t found what will make her go into the crazy kitten stage. Who knows, maybe she loves doing a kitten-attack to a paper-towel tube like our Snoochie does.




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