yard sale and knitting. woo

Over the weekend, Jamie and I headed up to Rocky Mount to spend some time with his mom, step-dad, and grandmother. Allen and Nanny had made plans to go yardsaling, so Rhonda was basically begging us to keep her company while Allen and Nanny went crazy. The idea is fun, but after a while, it turns into: let’s see how long it takes before Jamie pukes his guts up (car sickness) and let’s see how long it takes before Nanny and Allen completely ignore Rhonda’s asking to go home because her knees are acting up.

We ran across a couple little yard sales before we wound up in Calloway for their Giant Yardsale, which took over the Fire Department building, the elementary school, and a few houses around there. We ran across a setup that had a ton of books, so while everyone else was looking at other things, Jamie and I sifted through the books. Unfortunately, 80-90% of the books were rotting and/or covered in black mold. Jamie found one book that he really wanted to get and I came across two that sounded really neat (one was about a guy who gets turned into a vampire by tea and sets about trying to destroy people or turn back into a human, one was about this thing called “Artemis” which is a biological weapon that kills women and was created by a woman and it’s up to her dumb ass to stop the Marburg-like virus, and the other one was some sort of bioweapon type story. I’m really not sure on the one Jamie chose, it had a giant arthropod on it that was very creepy)

We walked around the area and searched for the people who were selling the items, but all we found were more browsing people. No one was up and about, no one was handing over little green peices of paper for junk they found neat. Honestly, we could’ve easily walked off with the books and no one would’ve noticed. But, seeing as how I am a terribly honest person, I couldn’t do that. I walked to the box where we found the books (the box irked me. Why are you going to attempt to sell books but not bother to take the top layer off so others can see there is a bottom layer? Most people won’t rifle through a box just to see what’s under there and I just got irritated about it so didn’t bother) And set the books we wanted on top of the other books in the box. What’s the point in putting them back exactly as we found them?

We went to another set up and bought a little globe that Jamie squeed over and Allen managed to find whomever was in charge of the set up with the massive amount of books. We were just too irritated at the people there to go back and attempt to buy the books we found neat.

Jamie spent a few minutes attempting to convince me that we needed to buy David (one of his co-workers) a chicken. Someone was selling chickens, and a duck, while we were there. Maybe it’s a Southern thing, but when you’re out yardsaling or going to a flea market, you’re almost garaunteed to find someone (A) selling poultry or (B) selling cat-fish sandwiches.

I spent a few minutes deciding what kind of yarn to get (a very nice woman was selling different things, some of which were bags of yarn and being the huge dork that I am, I had to get some) and we went to another section of this massive yard sale and agreed that we should definitely stop going to yard sales because there’s nothing to find. And when there are things that spark our interest, the sellers are either not there or the item is way too expensive for a yard sale. (seriously, $10 for a latch-hook rug kit. yes I know they’re expensie, but this is a yard sale. It’s like requesting that the dvds you want to sell are $4 each and they’re in little taped up sandwich baggies sitting out in the sun to melt).

We were finally able to head back to Rhonda and Allen’s house, Nanny laid down a bit because she wasn’t feeling very well. Jamie, Rhonda, and I went to Walmart (ugh, but we can get cheap laundry detergent) for some grocery shopping and then packed up the car to head home.

So, yesterday Jamie and I were able to head over to my friend’s shop so I could show off the scarves I’d made. She loved them and we agreed to figure out a price for them later. I showed off the little mini-bags that I’d made and she adored the little monster bag, squeed about how creative I was (I am not all that creative, at least, it doesn’t occur to me). She asked me to make her one and handed me some cash and then got all wide eyed and asked if it was enough to pay for it. Honestly, I believe she gave me way too much, but she was adamant about that amount.

We also spent some time going over different ideas for mini bags and scarves, I pointed out that if anyone has any special requests, I can do that, and she pointed out I should have an Etsy account because this is the perfect time to start posting stuff and people will start looking for Christmas presents. So, now there’s a few more ideas to do while things continue, I’ve got a few items at her shop to show off, and hopefully something good will come of it.


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