Knitting things

I have 5 scarves made of varying length/width and colour and I should probably stop. As much as I enjoy making them and using up different yarns that I have available to me at the moment (hey, I have to use some of these skeins up so I can get different colours), it wouldn’t help if I just keep making scarves. Jamie had pointed out that I should make little blankets for the pets at the RVSPCA. It would be fun, but I’m not really sure how confident I am about these things surviving a washer and dryer every 2 to 3 days.

While that awesome idea is still up in the air, our friend AJ pointed out that he really wants to make an afghan and I agreed that it would be a fun. Jamie happily boasted that I should “totally make one!” and I had to, unfortunately, point out that while I do have a long loom, I do not have a loom that is the correct length for an afghan. Jamie piped up and said that I should make “dog-sized afghans!” But, I figure, when/if I do make them, I’ll have the colours I want and the correct amount of skeins for at least a good portion of the thing.

So, while I’m attempting to take a break from scarves (I am tempted to make either a Slytherin scarf or a Halloweeny scarf for myself), I’m working on little mini-bags. I offered to show them off to a friend of mine when I drop off the scarves at her shop and she’s a bit excited to see them. I managedto make a little monster, but I keep thinking he looks stupid while Jamie thinks he looks really neat.

I’m planning on making at least another pumpkin and skull, so maybe I’ll attempt to make another little monster. They’ve been fun to make and besides hanging them up as decorations, I have no idea what to do with them. But hey, we love Halloweeny things so it works out.

And, since I’ve been making things (what else do I have to do besides clean, take care of the beasties, and filling out applications) I decided to finally try the “Brownie in a Cup” recipe. I was able to find a really nice one on Instructables.

Surprisingly, it’s not as much mix as expected. I decided to use our large black coffee mug just in case it became rather large, but it filled the mug maybe 1/4 of the way through. (our large coffee mug is about the same size as one of those giant cappuccino mugs). But I made it and it is the perfect portion for me so that was pretty awesome. It was a really good recipe, so I’ve bookmarked it and plan to make it again.

Recipe for the Brownie in a Mug. It is on Instructables, so there are photos and practically a lengthy detail on how to make it. Just copy down the recipe from page 1 and microwave for 60 to 90 seconds. I microwaved my mug for 60 seconds and it came out perfectly. Next time, I may try 70 seconds and see if I get a nice outer crust.


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