Shaffers Crossing Open House

(Please be aware, the photos that are in this post were taken with permission during the Open House at Shaffers Crossing on 09/05/11)

Jamie let his dad know a couple months ago that his job was approved to do an Open House/Family Fun Day. This was great because John, Jamie’s little brother, absolutely loves trains. He loves Thomas the Train and goes ecstatic any time that anyone mentions trains or he sees anything dealing with trains. So, yesterday was when Shaffers Crossing had their Open House. Games, vendors, food, trains. A five-year-old’s dream.

Fred came and picked me up, Jenny pointed out that John was rather peeved because they wouldn’t let him come inside to say hi to our dogs.  (John absolutely loves our dogs, then again, John loves all dogs and has grown up with the awesome wiggle butt Karma) We headed over and John became ecstatic about trains, with every other sentence asking if he was going to ride a train.

We arrived and even though it was only shortly after 10 am (when they were supposed to officially open to the public), it was already a mad house. It was drizzling a bit, but all the festivities were inside.

We got cotton candy, played a game, met up with Jamie who was at the Sno-Cone maker and getting syrup squirted on him. More than one person was disappointed they didn’t have Blue, a few kids asked for “rainbow” and a few kids asked for half one colour and half another. It was kinda fun. Jamie took a small break and walked the remainder part with us and then outside to the tent where food was being prepared.

John and a couple other kids were excited when the employees had to move the turntable a little. Jamie and Fred spoke a little bit and then he headed back inside to help keep the demand for Sno-Cones to a non-maddening rumble.

The four of us walked back inside shortly thereafter and Fred and Jenny went to get the ID kit done for John. I hung out with Jamie a bit and then met up with Ashley. I somehow managed to convince her to bring Olivia, who happily stuffed her face with cotton candy, and Josh came along. I wasn’t really expecting him since he’s not overly social (like the rest of us), but hey, family time out is always good.

I ended up having 3 Sno Cones (lemon lime, orange, and cherry. all in that order) and Jamie had pointed out when we had gotten home that he served quite a few people 5 or 6 Sno Cones. I signed up for a couple give aways because, hell why not? No harm in putting your name down for something. The worst that’ll happen is I won’t be contacted and the best is I’ll win something.

They were also giving away door prizes, which we had tickets for, and they were pretty good prizes. Gift cards, a train set, a mini bbq, coffee, Putt-Putt, and a few other things.

Fred and Jenny waited in line with John for the train ride, which had been postponed a few minutes due to unexpected rain. I walked around for a bit with Ashley, Olivia, and Josh and I’m hoping I got a decent photo of Olivia in the Conductor’s seat on one of the two trains visitors were able to walk through.  A little while later, they decided it was time to go and I hung out with Jamie for a while longer until we spotted Fred. Jamie said his goodbyes (he did forewarn his co-workers when he’d be leaving), and we headed to the entryway. A large crowd had gathered and we found they had done the drawings for the door prizes, so we stood around and checked our tickets. None of us had won anything (David, one of Jamie’s coworkers, had a friend who won the train set), so we went on to the respective cars. Jamie and I headed home, let the dogs out, and just relaxed.

At about 7:30 last night, Fred called to let us know that he was watching a tornado go down the interstate. I’m assuming it was on the news, but I haven’t found a reel for it. But, I did find we were in a tornado warning last night until about 10, and now we’re in a flash flood warning until about 12:30 this afternoon. Then thunderstorms for the rest of the day, with the possibility of rain through tomorrow. So, yay, rain. I’ll have to call the City about the culvert when it stops raining.

I was able to get a few more photos, but I don’t think Jamie would appreciate me posting a photo of him wearing a little paper hat and the tie-dye shirt they were required to wear (the shirt, not the hat). I attempted to get a few train shots, but a couple turned out a bit wonky. I got a couple shots of Oliva, but they need to be edited; John’s shots are blurry (he’s an energetic kid), and I  did get a shot of the “milking game” (a plywood cow with fake udders. it was weird, but kids were lined up to play with it)

One thing that I thought was really awesome, was there was a young kid, maybe between 5 and 8, who was in a wheelchair and having a blast. He got to play with the udder game and gave this look of ecstatic bliss when he got to have an orange Sno Cone. He was a cute and happy kid. I hope they were able to let him ride on the train (but I really don’t know, I wasn’t in line). Jamie also requested an oil barrell. There was a vendor there giving out little foam oil barrells and it is perfect for Snooch as a toy. I’m highly entertained by it. We also came home with a balloon, that was popped sometime in the middle of the night, and we grabbed a frisbee for the dogs.

John was able to ride the train. Fred pointed out that it was an hour and a half wait, but totally worth it. When we were leaving, John asked why there was a ticket on the ground and Fred replied that it was because someone didn’t win anything like the rest of us. He finished with “But you got the grand prize. You got a train ride.” And John was grinning, agreeing that he won the grand prize. It was great.


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