A pumpkin for Tina

I found out yesterday morning that today is Tina’s birthday. Jamie wanted to make her the little brownie-cake thing like we had  made Robert for his birthday and I offered to make little pumpkin as well. I set to work on the brownie and, well, it didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped. For some reason the recipe called for more sugar than it needed, so the brownies themselves kind of broke apart while I was pulling them out of the tins. Then, in my attempt to fix it, I made this horrible mess of fondant-like peanut butter and partially carmelized peanut butter icing that turned out like peanut butter flavored Pixi Stix (now there’s a disturbing image)

I ran out of butter and powdered sugar (damn). After everything was said and done, we ended up cheating and getting a box mix, which turned out much better than my previous attempt.

I made a little Halloweeny pumpkin (with a face this time! splee) for Tina and Jamie took the brownie cake to work and texted me a little while ago to let me know that Tina enjoyed the brownie-cake and really liked the little pumpkin.

They’re pretty fun to make. I brought up the idea of making a little Frankenstein Monster and Jamie liked the idea. I may try to make a couple more with faces, just to see different things to do with them.

I’m finally working on book reviews. I’m a bit amused that the book reviews are a lot like my film reviews. If it really irks me, I just write a lot about it. I ended up writing a large bit on a book I found I really do not like at all. But I still have no idea how I’m going to write a comprehensive review for “Creepers” besides “dude this is so awesome!” (and yes, the photo with the pumpkin does show a bit of my RL Stine collection. They’re fun books)


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