So I made a skull

I was discussing different ideas with Jamie about what I could do with a mini-bag and realized: I should do a skull! It would be fun (and we love Halloween). After losing my knitting needle thing, I found my backup in the basement and Jamie found the first one in the couch (along with a cell phone case, a purple monkey dog toy, and a sock)

So I made this little guy yesterday while watching/listening to “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” (Yay for Doctor Who on Netflix).  Of course, being the person I am, I had to make the eyes different sizes. I texted the photo to Jamie to see if I should add a mouth and he said no. It looks cute as it is, so maybe the next one I’ll add a little mouth to it.

Maybe I can make these little guys into decorations, or offer to make some for my friend’s shop as they are attempting to figure out just what exactly to do for their shop’s first Halloween. Maybe I could make a little Frankenstein Monster. Then I would have a pumpkin, a skull, and a little green monster. It’d be fun.

We headed to the shelter yesterday to take photos. I had a list of 10 pets and Jamie went with me. I ended up taking a little over 2000 photos and quite a few turned out really well. I got an email from Kathy, the woman who writes up the list of pets we need to take photos of and other things, asking for me to come by today since for some reason most of the photos didn’t copy onto her computer (and then flashdrive). So I will be heading up there sometime today and trying again with the mass of photos. While I’m up there, I’m going to try to get another few shots of Cowgirl or maybe some video.

We were discussing the possibility of doing some video for the pets and found that it is something the RVSPCA wants to do eventually. And who doesn’t love wiggle butts prancing around on video?


And lastly:
We’re going through our collection of books and pulling out ones we don’t care much for. It’s an interesting process. We’ve pulled out maybe 50 or so, and now we have almost an entire shelf on our giant bookcase empty. We’re probably going to donate them along with some clothes that we pulled out of the closet that we don’t wear. While we’re doing that, I’m pulling a few books off the shelves do double check against my list of reviews.

They’re ones I haven’t finished, but they’re ones that I don’t care much for. So I’d rather write up something like “It’s supposed to be about ____ but I didn’t like ____ so I stopped reading and got rid of it.” Or something to that effect.

A better example would be:
I started reading one book but had to stop because within the first few pages, even my slightly dyslexic brain got pissed off at all of the spelling and grammatical errors. I checked the copyright date and realized that when the book was published, it was during a time of mass horror publishing so the editor probably had too many manuscripts to properly look through it. Or, the editor was probably too overwhelmed and gave up after the first 2 pages (I have done this. I edited a manuscript for a friend and after the first 20 or so pages, I gave up putting footnotes and opinions on it and just highlighted what needed work. It was mainly spelling errors)


Now to work on a little pumpkin and brownie-cake thing for Tina’s birthday. And dishes.


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