food fail and other things

So yesterday I decided, I really want to make cinnamon rolls. As I currently have all the ingredients necessary to make them (including various flours because I’m weird and I like to try new things) and I am too cheap to grab the store-brand tube of pre-made awesome, I decided to look up a recipe to make them. I also decided to actually go by the directions instead of how I would do it (dry with dry, wet with wet, yeast in wet and let it sit a few minutes before mixing. also putting all of the dry into the wet instead of “adding 1/2 c at a time until *just* pulled together.”) I kneeded, I added extra flour, I rolled, I kneeded, I pre-mixed the gooey center bits (and was thoroughly disturbed by how liquidy it was. it was too much). I yelled, bitched, and threw things.

I rolled the dough and went to go “pinch the seam” (what the fuck is this? how do you “pinch the seam”? what is the point in this? maybe I’m just more used to the bread request of “put the seam on the bottom of the pan!”) and the dough/gooey-inside-mix decided to ooze into a mass of room-temperature goo through my fingers. So I slammed some things around, grabbed my last remaining bread pan (I swear, there are gnomes that steal things in this house) and threw the mix into the pan. I shoved this into the stove and cleaned the kitchen.

Surprisingly, the only mess I made was when I was rolling the dough out and getting the cinnamon/sugar mix everywhere (including getting a nice large glob on Jamie’s lunchbox). Usually when working with flour, I get it on my pants, my shirt, jacket if I’m wearing it, sometimes my hair or face (messiness is half the fun). Sometimes it’s found on the table, the stove, the sink, counter, floor, a dog depending on what’s going on.

The mass of goo baked for about 40 or so minutes (longer than the requested baking time since this was not neatly cut little pinwheels of awesome), I had calmed down enough to pull it out. I’m still highly irritated by this failure (it is pretty rare that I make something and it turns out bad) but damnit, I want to try this.

I have had better luck making my “Cinnamon Twisties” and having it ooze into a mass of crumbly awesome when it messes up. I learned, while trying this out, that the dough did not bake all the way so half of the mix is raw dough. Ew. This was a disappointment. The parts that were cooked that I was able to eat, was pretty bland unless I had a mass of the partially carmelized cinnamon mix with the dough. I told Jamie that I have learned my lesson and will not use that recipe again. Next time, I’ll just make my cinnamon twisties or make waffles. Ooo, waffles (we have a Belgian waffle maker and it is awesome.)


I made scarves. Woot. The Sandworm Scarf still needs eyeballs and I just haven’t done it yet. Though, I did find a pillow I might be able to rip apart for the stuffing. The scarves are made two different ways so the darkblue/brightblue scarf looks thicker and more “messy,” while the lightblue/brightblue has a random “shit happens, let’s go with it” and looks thinner.

For whatever reason, my camera has decided to have a slow shutter speed today, so every time I went to take a photo of my black chenile scarf, it went fuzzy and not very good.

Soon I will be able to drop these off at my friend’s shop and see if they will bring any interest. I’m a little excited about that. I am working on a thinner scarf that uses that dark/folksy orange that I used for one of the pumpkins and I’m about to work on another little minibag just to see what happens.


And lastly: This past Saturday, 8/27, 16 pets were adopted from the RVSPCA! Woo! Eli, the puppy I was able to photograph last week, was among the adopted. Since there was a notice about these guys, I went and checked to see if any other pets that I had photographed had been adopted and found that both Elantra and Hope had been adopted! Elantra was adopted on 8/26 and Hope was adopted 8/25. This makes me very excited and I can’t wait to do another photo session. Hopefully more pets will be adopted!


2 thoughts on “food fail and other things

  1. I like to collect information from various sites. There are time when I like few points while reading a site. I would like to blog my findings. Will I face a copyright issue if i directly copy paste the few points from other sites? I have seen the usage of “source”. If i mention the source, will it help?.

    • It’s always a better idea to ask for permission to copy and make a note of where you found the information that you have copied. Most places are fine with a notation of something like “Info found _____”.

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