little pumpkins

While surfing the web in search of different ways to do designs for scarves, I ran across this little pumpkin pdf. It’s your basic hat design but with a small twist.

Ok, so it’s your basic hat design with the blue Knifty Knitter loom (yes, I cheat, I use a loom. it’s safer that way). So I figured I’d do it and it came out pretty well.

But, I personally feel that it is a Really Bright Orange and black, although awesomely Halloweeny, does not go all that great with it. It probably would if I made a little face on the pumpkin itself, but I have currently misplaced my little blue pastic needle that I need for the little design.

Another thing I did with it was just braided the cincher. It was easier and I think it looks neat. Then, I got the brilliant idea to use my Chunky yarn to do a green top and the more folk-art orange for the pumpkin to make another one.

This one held its shape a lot better than the orange/black pumpkin. I like it. Jamie’s cousin, Tash, pointed out that these should be scented and, strangely enough, that is exactly what I was thinking.

Making these into little potpourri things would be pretty neat (and kinda festive), but it brings up the question of what would be the best way to do it. Jamie pointed out ziploc bag, but that wouldn’t work. I mentioned tissues, but that’s a bit weird (though it does work really well. The air-vent in our living room has these little tissue-bombs taped to the inside of it filled with nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon). Cheesecloth is a bit expensive and, frankly, it’s my cheesecloth and I don’t want to cut it up. Then we realized that if we put in sticks of cinnamon, whole clove and whole allspice, it should work. I have whole allspice and cinnamon sticks, so all I would need is whole clove and that’s not all that expensive.

Overall, they’d be fun to put together and I’m already formulating ideas for other ones. I’m hoping to find my little blue needle soon so I can put faces on the pumpkins. I figure “traditional” triangle eyes and smile would be sufficient (and not everyone is weird like me and does odd designs to their pumpkins). I also want to see if I can do a 1UP mushroom, Bob-omb, or a Goomba in this style. It would be neat.


The other night, Jamie ran across dog cinnamon-swirl cookies (made to imitate cinnamon buns), so I decided to make them. They looked fun and I had all the ingredients I needed, save for the cream cheese for the “icing” and that is fine by me because I don’ like cream cheese. Besides, the dogs wouldn’t know any different, nor would they care. It’s a homemade treat!

The recipe states that it makes approximately 15, and surprisingly, I got 15 out of it. The recipe also calls for walnuts and, sorry, but I am not giving the dogs walnuts unless one happens to fall on the floor and Bug vacuums it up.

I accidentally baked these for 17 minutes instead of the 15 that it is called for, so they weren’t “springy” when they came out. They cooled and the dogs loved them.

Last night, after we found that we have to go back to “Fly and Izzy out first, then Bug and Hobbes” routine, we had Bug and Hobbes in the kitchen and Hobbes was all about getting some swirly cookies. Bug was loving the cookies (then again, Bug loves all food and will scarf down anything you give her).

After everyone got one last cookie, I found I only had 1 left. Wow. So, today, I am going to make more swirly cookies, but this time I think I’ll do a double batch instead of just one batch. They don’t spread on the cookie sheet while baking (I was afraid they would), they’re not sticky when you roll out the dough, and they come off super easy from the cookie sheet.

I also have a couple scarves done, but I haven’t taken photos of them. I like how the Chenile one came out (yay for random stock in the discount section of the craft store) and I like how the blue mixes came out. They’ve been fun to do and they look neat without fringe so yay.


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