The dogs have been doing rather well. Bug has been getting extra hyper and playful, Izzy has decided that she is going to do 1:30 am barking fits again. This is not something I want to experience again, especially since the alarm goes off at 4:3o. Firefly’s calming down faster than I thought she would. I guess it’s the pit/hound mix that she is and the hounds that I have met tend to be pretty calm. (and it also helps that she’s turning 3 in November) Hobbes has also decided he is going to take full advantage of stubbornness and not come in when the girls do. He does this pretty frequently, just plops down in the grass and looks like a brown and white lump. It’s pretty funny even if we are terrible pet-parents and let him do it.

We were able to get a video of all the dogs going to bed and waiting for a treat, but it hasn’t been uploaded to YouTube yet (because I forgot) so when it does, I will try to remember to post it up here. It’s really cute.

For reviews:
I haven’t done crap. I’ve been spending time doing housework (yay unemployment) and working on scarves. I have excess yarn and I do need to use up a small portion before I can get the 7 colours I need for the 4th Doctor scarf. So I haven’t watched any films and there’s a couple that we were able to get our hands on and I want to wait so Jamie and I can watch it together. Or, well, I can watch it and Jamie can listen to it while he either plays on the laptop or reads. It’s cute when he does it.

For artsy things:
Working on scarves. I had mentioned something to a friend of mine about maybe showing/selling some at her shop. She loved the idea but mentioned she needed to run it by her partner, and thus far I haven’t heard anything back yet. Ah well, it’s all good. At least, if I do hear a go-ahead, I’ll have more than one scarf available to show off. And they’re fun to make.

I have a photography gig set up. I get to do a “try out” today to see how everything goes and I’m excited. If things go well, I will describe it later (and hopefully show off some good shots), and if this goes good, I’ll be able to do more sessions which is even more awesome.

Since the photo thing is later today, housework should start earlier. Hobbes is doing his high pitched morning whine, it’s time to clean Izzy’s crate, and “Underwood and Flinch” is ready and waiting for kitchen cleaning.


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