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So! Things!

I have finished Part 1 of the Sandworm Scarf. I should take a photo of it, but it’s still kind of messy (the extra bits from changing colours haven’t been worked on yet) and I’m still unsure if I should make it tubey. I’m a bit up in the air on if I’m going to add teeth, but I do know I am going to add eyes. I may end up having to do a bit of “surgery” to one of our stuffies since we currently do not have a pillow I can rip apart and even though a giant bag of poly-fill is $10, I (a) do not have the money for that and (b) that is just way too much poly-fill for me. If I were making more than just the eyeballs, I would buy that. But it’s a giant bag that comes up to my knees and I’d have that stuff forever if I bought it.

I really want to make a Tom Baker scarf (4th Doctor). I was able to find a pretty accurate version but was also scaled down to a Children’s Size. Since I am pretty short, the child’s size would probably be best for a scarf that would be wearable for most occasions instead of just once in a while. One problem I have ran into is, well, I don’t have the money for the yarn. It’s 7 different colours of yarn, some of which require 2 skeins of yarn to get the whole thing going, and then it also depends on what brand/type of yarn you go for that determines the price. Some yarns are damn expensive, some yarns are pretty cheap, some are soft and awesome while some are itchy as hell.

I’m hoping that by the time I do have the money to get the yarn, I’ll still have the time to work on it. A standard-size scarf takes long enough as it is, so a 4th Doctor scarf will take, I’m guessing, approximately twice as long. It’ll be fun.

Since I’ve come across having some extra time on my hands, I’ve found myself baking many things. I made chocolate bread and found that, unfortunately, it did not turn out as awesome as I had thought it would.  I was a bit sad to find this out; the last time I had made it, the bread turned out rather well and I enjoyed it. I had to throw it out.

I made some ginger spice dog cookies. I didn’t have enough ginger, so I tossed a bit of extra cinnamon in it. Bug managed to steal about four of them before I caught her and she loves the hell out of them. Fly seems to think they’re weird, Izzy takes her time eating them, and Hobbes loves all treats. I gave some to Robert so Goose and Fiddler could have some. Goose loves all the treats I give her (I am the Treat God in her eyes). I tossed some into a couple baggies so Jamie could take them to a couple of his coworkers, whose dogs loved them.  I’m almost out of the ginger cookies, so I’ll have to make some other cookies for the dogs soon.

I’ve also made two batches of oatmeal raisin cookies. One batch was gone within a short period of time at Jamie’s office, but the second batch is just hanging out at the house. I keep forgetting to give them to Jamie to take to work since I won’t eat them (I hate raisins). I made this almond/cinnamon-chip cookie thing. First they were normal cookies and I found that the almond flour is actually kinda gritty, and now the remaining batter has been baked into 3 square layers. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, I doubt I eat the cookie(s) themselves as I do not care for picking almond flour bits out of my teeth for hours afterwards.

We managed to get some decent shots of the dogs yesterday while they were outside and Bug decided she wanted to play as well. I tried to get a couple videos of the dogs in action. I’ll have to upload them somewhere sometime and show them off. We had decided to “Fish for Dogs” by tying the stuff-less stuffy rabbit onto the fishing pole that we have (it’s missing the top two bits on it, no hooks, still has line on it) and Izzy grabbed the rabbit and broke the fishing line within a second. Ha. I’ve decided, I’m going to tie a cat toy onto it and go “Fishing for Cats.” Snooch will love the hell out of it, and I’m hoping Ugly will have fun.

I will try to do a photo post soon. Show off the pets, show off some of the cooking/baking that I was able to do, show off artsy-fartsy stuff that have been done lately.


I have finished listening to “One Among the Sleepless,” and started on “Underwood and Flinch.” So far, I’m on Episode 10. “One Among the Sleepless” is a fascinating podcast novel and so far “Underwood and Flinch” is pretty neat. It’s been a great thing to listen to while I wash dishes and cook/bake things. I never really thought I’d enjoy podcasts/audiobooks, but that is probably because when I was introduced to them, they were terribly boring and done by people whose voices portrayed that they’d rather do something, anything, else.

“Underwood and Flinch” and “One Among the Sleepless” is by Mike Bennett. I put a link to his website under the Blogroll. Jamie had found him and downloaded one of his “Hall of Mirrors” episodes and after a while, I listened to one of the episodes. They’re really good. Nice, suspenseful horror (though “Two Browns,” a “Hall of Mirrors” episode, is icky and fucked up).


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