Foodie photo post

For Robert’s birthday, we agreed to make some homemade ravioli. This way, I could play with my dumpling makers. Making ravioli is a long process. We ended up making prosciutto, Romano, and mozzarella cheese ravioli. The photo of them was right before we realized that they needed to be boiled a little bit longer. They turned out pretty yummy with a pasta sauce and diced cherry tomatoes.






Jamie wanted to make a little something for Robert as well. Since I was wrist-deep in ravioli making, he decided to make a little brownie-cake. We have these neat little mini-cake pans that can be put together and have a filling put in. Jamie decided to make a peanut butter filling. Robert cut it into fourths and we munched it after dinner, it was really good. The little purple thing is a little vampire candy that’s supposed to go to on cupcakes. The little things taste like glue (Jamie gave me a little monster one). The photo, while terrible, is the best one I’d gotten. The rest ended up fuzzy.






Like I had mentioned earlier, I had decided to make dog cookies. The dogs love homemade cookies. I found an interesting recipe for Ginger-Spice cookies, but I found that I did not have enough Ginger so I added an extra bit of cinnamon to the recipe. It mixed rather well and I was able to make a ton of these cookies.

When the cookies were all in one bowl, I had to let the dogs out for a little pee-break. Bug was the first to run in and while I was telling the others to come inside, she decided to be a terrible dog and put her paw on the counter. She does this when she gets super excited, all we do is tell them “down” or “off the counter” and that’s it. They listen for the most part, but sometimes they put their paws on the counter afterwards. Bug was able to steal 3 or 4 treats before I caught her.


I had decided to make chocolate chip cookies. Not only were they going to have extra chocolate chips, but they were also going to have cocoa in the cookie dough mixture. And, being the weird little person I am, I went ahead and added some green food colouring. This made the cookie like something swampy or rotten. It was a mix of brown and green. I found it pretty neat. The cookies are pretty good and I spent quite a few days munching them.






I made oatmeal-raisin cookies, mainly to get rid of the Old Fashioned Oats and raisins (I hate raisins). This photo is from the first batch I made. Apparently they were a hit at Jamie’s office and his boss happily stole about 6 of them before he left.







I decided to make Chocolate Bread. The first time I made it, it was really good and the perfect consistency. My guess, since it’s been so long since I’d made it, that I was just too impatient or I didn’t add enough sugar to counter the bitterness. The bread ended up being thick and bitter. It wound up in a two-pound block of, well, crap. I tossed it.







A few weeks ago, I made Cookies-n-Cream fudge (aka: Oreo Fudge). It’s a recipe Jamie had found on I had run out of my white-chocolate fudge-blocks and used white chocolate chips. They didn’t melt fully, so there were little chunks of white chocolate throughout the block. I also used chocolate-fudgy store-brand Oreos since I had those available instead of the regular ones. This was large enough for me to separate in half. I was able to give a work buddy one bag of them (she was craving this fudge randomly) and the other half I was able to give to another girl, as I had promised some to her for her birthday. She was very excited to get it.


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