driveby post

Sometimes, if you write it down you’ll remember. For me, that includes post-it notes and the same notations stuck in different areas for the most part. Or, one notation, underlined, and stuck in very odd areas like the overhead thingy above the stove. One day we will rip that thing out and just stick a little light there. It will probably be the same day we fix the cabinets that are slowly pulling themselves off the wall.

The weekend is filled with busy-stuff. Yardwork, including the ditch, working on doggie-manners. Hobbes has a special training session set with our friend Robert and his dog Goose. Goose is a “zen-dog” and Hobbes needs a zen-like dog to help with his “omgdogdogdoglet’splay!!” spazziness. Even though Hobbes is a couch-potato, Hobbes turns into a 4-month old puppy when he comes into contact with another dog on a leash and wants to play with the other dog. It’s really cute, but something that needs to be worked with.

We’re also doing the semi-frequent overhaul of the house cleaning (it ranges from once every two weeks to once every two months depending on what’s going on). Yay, cleaning.

On the non-cleaning end of things. Jamie’s working through “A Storm of Swords” and I have started “Clash of Kings.” The series is really great. I’m also working on a Sandworm Scarf. No photos until I’m actually done with the thing. Well, at least no photos until I’m done with the scarf itself; it’s still up in the air on whether or not I’ll add “teeth” and eyeballs.

We may or may not have a baking day, so that’ll be fun whenever we have it. I need to work on setting up the art area in the basement, and we’ve recently learned that the dryer is officially dead. It wasn’t just the belt that broke, but the heating element in it died as well.

Now, time to continue listening to “One Among the Sleepless” by Mike Bennett (podcast novel) and clean the tea/coffee/etc cabinet.


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