The zoo

I want to write, but I’m not really sure what to write about at the moment, so I figured I would write a bit about the zoo that is our house.

The Lone Gunmen have been doing rather well. They currently have a small hammock-like apparatus that was made from a really soft sweater-thing that a friend gave me. They’re alert, they’re playful, and I am working on making them hammocks and tunnels because they need  more fun stimulations. I’m also planning on changing their cages out, switch their current cage (3 ft tall, 2 1/2 ft wide) for a shorter but wider crate. The boys aren’t as adventurous as the girls we had a few years ago so they hang out on lower ground and ignore the two higher levels. I’m also hoping that it’ll be easier to clean.

Dante is hanging out. Mickie and Jeff came by the house to do some research and were thoroughly confused that there was a seemingly empty tank on the dresser. Dante must’ve gone into his hidey-hole before they were getting ready to leave. The last time I had checked on him (right before they showed up) and he was hanging out in the middle of his tank. He’s an anti-social little bugger, but we love him.

Snooch is an evil little shit, and even though he is getting older, he still gets into every damn thing. I’m just really glad that he’s slowly calming down, but he’s also decided that paper towel rolls are his enemy. But only if the roll is on the kitchen table. He’s also gotten into this habit of attacking flowers, including our small collection of dried roses we have out on display in the living room.

Ugly has been adorable and has been working on on getting Snooch back for all the times Snooch has knocked him off the couch or bed. As I am typing this  up, they are currently snuggle up together on the chair in our living room and sleeping on the hammer that was left in the chair (hammer–weapon of choice against mutant bugs in the yard.

The dogs have been doing rather well. We took a few more photos yesterday and I’m quite irked by a few of them. I ended up getting some nice shots of the dogs going crazy in the living room, but I also ended up getting nice purple streaks through the images thanks to the natural lighting coming through the door. One of these days we will replace that stupid door with something that people can’t easily see through. But, as with the rest of the house, the door will have to be customized (the house is old, door standards have changed, and the only “regular sized” doors in this house goes to the bedrooms).

Hobbes has decided he doesn’t want to listen to us when we call the dogs to come inside. Jamie huffs and walks him to the door by his collar. I’ve gotten to where I tell him he can either come inside or he can stay out there. When I do this, I go inside to put the girls up and usually by the time the girls are back up, he’s ready to come back inside.

Izzy is working on getting better at crate training. We did do something very stupid last night: we put her up after dinner (she had to eat in the kitchen while I cleaned up her mess) instead of taking her outside, so she had another accident less than five minutes after putting her up. When this happens, I go “Really, dog?” sigh, and take her outside so I can clean up the mess. This morning, she wasn’t able to hold it, so at 6 am I got to clean the dog crate and toss the little hedgehog toy. I tossed her gator toy into the crate so she has something to play with.

Bug has been extra wiggly, but she’s also been really into playing with the others. This morning, she grabbed onto Firefly’s leg to entice play. This is awesome. Not only is she getting back at Fly for all the times she pulled Bug down by grabbing Bug’s back leg, but she’s comfortable enough to be the one who starts it instead of sitting there like a lump on the porch or waiting a while before trying to get in on the action. Yay, our Buggle is opening up! She’s also doing really well on her “special” food (Wellness, purple bag) since we had to take her off the Science Diet specially formulated omg holyballsthiscostsmorethanourfood dog food.  She’s keeping her weight (which reminds me, we’re going to have to cut back Fly’s food, she’s starting to get a little tubby).


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