stuff to do, stuff done

On Sunday, we headed over to Emily’s apartment to help her, Grant, Michael, and Cole move Emily’s stuff into their (Emily and Grant) new apartment. Loading the U-haul, putting some stuff into the Jeep, and helping unload everything (including Martin’s car; he was able to show up right around the time that we were leaving so they could put some more fragile stuff in his car), it only took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Not bad. And then we had pizza. I’m still kind of surprised I managed to get Jamie to agree to eat some pizza since it’s not included in his diet.

I have determined, the next house we get will not have stairs. Or we’ll move in fall/winter again.

The dogs are doing rather well. Hobbes has a bit of a scratch behind his ear, he’s not making a fuss about it if you rub his ears. Bug has gotten to the psychotically happy zoomie stage, which is really exciting. She’s finally playing with Izzy, so it’s like we have two 10-month old puppies instead of one. (we finally figured out how old, approximately, Izzy is).  Firefly is being wiggly and working on calming down. So now we’ve got one dog going on 3 who is calming down, two dogs in the Terrible Twos, and one crazy puppy. Yay, spectrum.


I’m almost completely up-to-date with film reviews. I started making notes on what books and anthology stories to review. The novels aren’t really that much of a problem, but damn. I didn’t realize how many short-stories I needed to review. I should’ve because we have a large number of anthologies and I’ve read at least one story from most of them. Oh well, at least it’ll be interesting to see how it goes and such.

I have an interview for a new job today. Yay! It’s exciting, but as it gets closer to time of the interview, I’ll become very nervous. Hopefully everything will go well and I’ll have a new job.


Edit (aug 3rd, 7 am)::

So, interview. I thought I would add a little bit about it to this post.  The interview was…awkward at best and, even though I am grateful for the honesty, I still don’t appreciate being informed “the only reason why you are getting an interview is because so-n-so asked and I like them. So-n-so is a great person.” Even with everything said and done, this part still bothers me.


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