dogs. dog dog dog

(I am attempting to stick with my goal of 1 post per week at minimum, so I am going to talk about the beasts)

This past Sunday, Jamie brought up that we need to give the dogs a bath. Firefly and Hobbes were starting to smell like dog drool and Izzy was becoming very sticky from the puppy wipes we use. And I have come to the conclusion that the Puppy Wipes that we bought, for the purpose of wiping the icky off of her really sucks. I told Jamie we’re buying the Kroger brand baby wipes again because, even though they’re scented, they work so much better and don’t leave a residue that makes us wonder if it’s puppy wipe residue or dried/sticky dog pee.

So, since we’re going to bathe the dogs, we agreed that we should wash the rat cage (the whole thing instead of the bottom tray and levels. we do this about once a month when it’s warm and we can go outside with the cage and hose it down) and wash the cat boxes as it’s been like three months since the boxes were scrubbed.

Being the evil person that I am, I decided Hobbes should get his bath first. He’s actually pretty good about getting baths for the most part, unless he really does not want to get a bath which is normally the last bath of the year before it gets too cold. He did really well, and when we were done he sauntered into the house wanting to rub all over the couch. He was unable to get on the couch because we had shut the dog-gate that partitions off the living room.

Next was Firefly, who does not like water unless it is in a water dish. She does not like bath tubs, water hoses, sprinklers, and will hide under the porch if it rains after you push her butt out the door so she can go pee. (yes, if it rains, we have to literally push this dog out of the door. though, it has gotten better, at least now one of us doesn’t have to stand in the rain to make sure she leaves the porch)

Firefly is not the smartest dog in the world when it comes to tethering or sticking her head in things. She spent the entire time at the end of the “tether” (our awesome purple leash which needs to be replaced that is wrapped and tied interestingly in the chain-link part of our fence for dog-washing purposes) giving the sad-dog monkey-face that she does really well. She did surprise us by attempting to break free during her normally favorite part of being rubbed down vigorously with a towel.

I managed to get Bug on the porch before she sat down and refused to move, so we gave her love, told her she was awesome, and put her back to bed. (We’re working with her, we only give her a bath if she absolutely needs it because she freaks out and she’s had enough stress as it is)

Lastly was Izzy. In between the time I took Bug out and brought her back in, Izzy got so excited, she peed her crate. Jamie got to give Izz-butt a bath by himself while I cleaned out her crate. When I got back outside, all I was able to do is help keep the pup up while he dried her belly.

Later in the afternoon, after the dogs had dried and we had cleaned the rat cage and cat boxes, the dogs were let out for play/pee time but not too terribly long since it’s July in Southwest Virginia so therefore instead of just being fucking hot, it is fucking hot and muggy as hell. Yay.

When the beasties got back inside, Hobbes pranced right into Bug’s crate and started snuffling around. About a minute later, Firefly went straight into Bug’s crate with Hobbes and they hung out for a bit. If I had moved to get the camera, they would have both gotten out of the crate and would have pranced around the kitchen doing the “no” dance.

Speaking of Hobbes, he decided he was going to surprise Jamie…Saturday while I was at work. He went into Bug’s crate and stole her elephant! Hobbes has never shown any interest in stuffies, but for some reason he just had to steal her stuffie and prance around with it in her mouth. Sunday evening, Hobbes and Izzy played tug in the kitchen with Bug’s elephant. I guess it’s a sign that we need to get Hobbes his own little elephant. It may be because the toy is a roundy ball kind of stuffy instead of the ones that Fly loves (anything, especially if it’s lightly stuffed and floppy).


On an unrelated note: I am working on film reviews. I have approximately 8 left so yay! Then I’ll be able to work on book reviews, which includes all the anthologies I have read anything in (which is like…almost all the anthologies we have). And I am working on ideas for comics. I have a lot of bits written down, it’s just that whole sketch part that I haven’t gotten to yet, which is ok. I’m hoping to have some new stuff up soon so I can make a friend of ours splee because he loves the little comic and it cracks him up.

I get to spend time today setting up the art stuff down in the basement since it’s my day off and it needs to be done. This should be interesting.

Ummm…I’m reading Game of Thrones right now. It’s a neat book (approximately 200 pages left) and strangely enough, I find that watching episode 1 of the series really helped with how to say some of the names in my head and give a better face to the character. Now I’m just reading because I really want to watch episode 5 (I want to know how they do the crowning of “cart king.”) and I’m curious as to what happens next. Jamie’s working on book 2 of the series and swears I’ll want to read book 2 as soon as I’m done with book 1, but I have to wait for him to finish. Hey, that’s cool. We still have a thousand other books to choose from (not including the Song of Ice and Fire series, and all the ones we’ve loaned out to people, we have around 1,012 books. Yes, I have a book problem. No, I am not stopping.)


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