So, a dog/pet update is in order I feel.

Bug is doing pretty well. Overall, she’s happily psychotic; bouncy, snuffly, and constantly demanding belly-rubs. Izzy’s a bit much for her right now so we’re keeping an eye out on everything to make sure that whole vomiting blood thing doesn’t happen again.

She was supposed to go to the vet last Monday to be weighed, but we currently don’t have the funds and this will have to wait until I get a refund on something that I had purchased before this whole thing happened.  We’re also getting low on her Super Special dog chow (I am hoping we can put her on normal dog food soon).

Izzy’s getting a little better with the whole peeing in the crate business so that’s a plus. She had an accident last night that caused Jamie to give her a bath while I cleaned the crate.


I brought them back inside this morning and now Hobbes looks like a wet gremlin since it started raining again. Firefly gave her signature Monkey Face to Jamie when he went to say bye to them all this morning.


So, apparently it stormed rather badly last night. We were woken up by Snooch making his little weird kitty noises and the bedroom door wide open. Snooch, being a cat under 2 and therefore still insane, is not allowed in the bedroom when we go to sleep because he will instigate play-fights with Ugly and keep us up all night. Ugly, being the awesome cat that he is, gets to snuggle with us at night.  If he does anything to wake us up, it’s because he wants to get under the blankets so he can snuggle  and be rumbly.

We had to get up, find Snooch, put him outside the bedroom and shut the door. He gave me enough time to lay back down before he  started clawing the bottom of the door and hitting the door. Eventually he gave up and we had sweet silence. For about a minute.

Then he decided to scratch the bottom of the water dish (it is a large metal mixing bowl, it works great for 4 dogs. Snooch loves it more than his regular water dish). The sound of cat claw against a metal container is about 1 octave lower than that brain-shattering claws-against-blackboards sounds (do people even use blackboards anymore?), it is also damn annoying at 3 am.

We gave up at 3:30 am and surfed the web, did the normal morning routine, and realized that my neck is killing me so I have happily swiped Jamie’s heating pad.


Oh! We also hit the fair. Pretty shocking on our part, especially so since it was Jamie’s idea. We got there, took two steps past the gate and Jamie stopped and said “Oh fuck no.” as his anxiety shot through the roof. We met up with Moms and went inside where they had a Sunfire Beardie! (probably not its actual…doohicky, but he looked just like Lunchbox and our awesome vet pointed out that Lunchbox was a Sunfire, which is pretty rare) They also had Kookaburras, which Jamie happily pointed out gives the same look I do when I’m annoyed. Moms laughed an agreed. They also had a wallaby (his name was not Rocko, sad to say) and I got a little stuffy wombat! Wombat!


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