An update on the Buggles

It’s been one hell of a week. One week ago today (in 5 hours actually), Jamie was hosing off the dog and we were on our way to the vet’s office. It seems like much longer than that.

I got a call a bit ago from our vet who stated that Buggles is able to come home today, we need to watch her and make sure nothing else happens. If she reacts like she did last week, then we will know it is something in the house and needs to be fixed immediately. But, she’s been okayed to come home this evening, they’ve typed up an extensively detailed list of what they’ve been doing with her medication (we now have a pill grinder and are ready for it). She’ll be sleeping in our room tonight  since we don’t want to stress her out too much and the other three monsters  will undoubtedly cause stress to her.

She’s getting a bath while at the vet’s so she either still smells funny or she smells like dog vomit, blood, and antiseptic all mixed into one ball of white bouncy fur. From what we understand, she’s been ready to come home since Friday (she had to stay over the weekend for observation).

They cannot find a cause as to why this happened, there’s a chance it’s simply one of those “One Time Things That Happen”  but there’s also a chance that she’s allergic to something in her food (we’ll be testing that theory out as well). She tested negative for Addison’s (both primary/atypical and secondary) so that’s great. Or she could simply have high blood pressure.

It’ll be good to have her home.


–edit to add:

Hmm, looks like I never updated with the last bout of vomiting.

After I gave a decent update, we called the vet’s office and asked if they wanted Bug in since she was puking blood again.

Y’know, in a way, it’s kind of funny. Someone wigs out because dog/cat/family member is puking blood and usually when they do it, it’s either a few little teeny drops or a small streak. (Puking any blood at all is freaky and needs to be looked into) But no, when Bug does it, she really does it. The last vomit episode was a nice bright red puddle with a couple teeny clots in it that was about a 2 1/2 ft circular range in front of her crate.  Yep, when Bug does something, she really does it.

We took her back to the vet and they decided to test for Addison’s disease (which is an adrenal disease) and we came to the conclusion that if she does not get any better, then we’ll have to say our goodbyes to her. We don’t want her to suffer more than she has to, and she was given a crap hand before she came into our lives.

It was preferred that she stay at the vet’s office so they could watch her in case anything else happened and she’s been slowly getting better.


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