Poor Bug

Shortly after I posted the blog entry yesterday, Bug went outside, puked up breakfast and then puked up blood. Called the vet, called Jamie, and we rushed to the vet’s office and were there with 15 minutes to spare before they closed for a meeting.

They kept her under observation, ran a few tests including X-rays just to be on the safe side and make sure there was nothing lodged in the vacuum’s stomach or intestines. The vet couldn’t find anything so now there is a rather…long list of all the possibilities this could be.

It may or may not be HGE. Bug’s problems could be cause by: high blood pressure, kidney failure, (acute) hemophilia, bone marrow problems, some type of cancer, stress, an ulcer, even metal poisoning or something else that hasn’t been thought of yet.

They sent up a blood sample with test requirements/requests up to Virginia Tech to see if they could find anything and we should hear about the results later today. We were okayed to bring her back home and spend time with her and were informed that if she pukes once, don’t bring her in since bringing her in may cause her more stress. But, if she pukes multiple times with blood to call and possibly bring her in. Though, no matter what, call and give updates.

Our vet’s office loves Miss Bug and our vet wants to try to do as much as we can to make sure she’s ok. If she wasn’t so weary of strangers, she would be the perfect pittie ambassador.

A little bit ago, but went into her crate to lay down and stuck her head out to vomit. Jamie walked out of the bedroom, which is where Bug is currently situated, and informed me of this (he can’t do the dog vomit thing; somehow I’ve become mostly immune to the grossness of it). Instead of being able to clean it up right then, I had to wait for her to stop completely. It’s nothing but water and blood since she had just drank water not 10 minutes before.

She laid in her crate while I cleaned it up, Jamie went to work for a little bit but he’s coming back, and I get to wait for the vet’s office to open to let them know and see what would be the best course of action to do. And here, I was really hoping to tell them “she’s doing ok, puked once last night but that’s it.” and to ask if there is an alternative to one of the medications she is on since every time we’ve given it to her, she’s puked it back  up within 10 to 20 minutes.

Bug is now curled up in her crate and does not want to leave it. She’ll roll over in her crate for belly rubs so we get to crawl in and give her belly rubs. She won’t even jump on the bed to lay down.


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