Oh, Bug

Bug, our 3-legged white pittie, has issues. After we got her, we took her to our vet to get her checked out and get the shots she needed (after we were told numerous times she is up to date on all shots and she wasn’t), and found she has Lyme and ehrlichiosis (our vet pronounces it: “er-lick-ee-yuh”). So she got treated for the diseases and informed that her nub is fine, if it starts hurting her, then we’ll have to round her out (she’s got 3 legs and a nub, which she uses to get our attention and is currently using for balance since she doesn’t have much right now).

We were reassured there will probably be no flare-ups, but if there is, it’ll probably be the Lyme disease during summer months. Then Monday occurred.

Warning: This is going to be really gross.

We got home, put our stuff up and Jamie went to let Izzy out when he opened the door and was greeted by the pungent smell of dog vomit and Bug covered in…stuff from her neck down to her tail. The only parts of her not covered were her back and head. Jamie rushed her out to hose her down and I got a better look. Half of the floor where Bug’s crate is located is covered in vomit, the other half is blood.

So, call the vet’s office, apologize for asking, but ask if we can come in right then or tomorrow since Bug has either vomitted or pooed blood. Receptionist says bring her in now, I let her know as soon as Jamie gets new shoes on, we’ll head that way. Jamie gets a photo of the mess, and off to the vet we go. On our way, Bug pukes up blood 6 times in the back seat. She is immediately taken to the back when we get there, and a while later, our awesome vet comes out to talk with us about if we can think of anything.

[/end excessively gross bit]

She swallowed a Q-Tip Sunday afternoon (she loves Q-Tips and this is the first time we were unable to get it out of her mouth in time. usually she runs off and chews them before spitting them out) and they all got a treat of 1/4 can of wet food to go with their dinner Sunday evening, but no one else was showing symptoms. This poor dog cannot win; she was in the vet’s office a few months ago with salmonella from a knuckle bone we had given to everyone. Hobbes wouldn’t touch his, Fly puked hers up, and Bug was carted to the vet and we were asked if she had chewed on a live wire because her mouth was messed up.

He goes back to run a few more tests, and after a while, we’re asked to come into one of their patient rooms. Bug has Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE; link goes to Wikipedia), which has no known cause though could be attributed to something she ate (Bug is a vacuum), stress (the most stress she has is being stared at by the cats), or something like ehrlichiosis. Symptoms start immediately and if not treated the dog could die within 24 hours. He tells us to give him just a couple of minutes, he is calling EVS (Emergency Veterinarian Services) to tell them we are coming from our vet to their office immediately. He also tells us what she has while stating it is the worst case he has ever personally seen and Bug’s blood is basically “like molasses” in her veins.

After he calls, he walks up to the front desk with us, tells them we’re hopefully coming back in the morning with Bug. He tells us not to pay them, but just go to EVS. They hand Bug over to Jamie with a towel wrapped around her, and he carries her to the car and she stays on my lap through the drive to EVS. We have to wait for what seems like forever for the vet on duty to come in and see her, she tells us Bug looks pathetic and leaves to set up a kennel (I am irritated, why didn’t they do that when our vet called them?). Bug is not moving and laying on a cold ass examining table and her chest is slowly turning purple.

Put down the deposit, are reassured we’ll be contacted if anything happens and told we can call whenever we want to check on her. We go home, Jamie applies for Care Credit to help pay for this, I call a few people to borrow a printer and a friend of ours comes by to let us borrow his printer temporarily. By the time he comes, the others are outside, Jamie’s hosing Bug’s crate down, and I am cleaning up Izzy and Hobbes’ mess along with attempting to get all the vomit up. After a while, it looked like just a murder scene due to the coagulation of he blood.

Jamie scrubbed up as much blood as he could, but it’s so bad we’re going to have to rent a floor sander and re-do the entire floor in that room (which we have to do anyway because of the giant paint stain that we found while ripping up the carpet)

We picked Bug up, who was able to walk. The girl who finished with the discharge papers was really excited that they had gotten her to wag overnight so that was a great sign. They also gave us two bags of IV fluid to help her while she was being looked at by our vet. We drove back to our vet’s office, waited for them to open, and gave all the info and stuff that we needed to. Our vet was not there, he would come in later in the morning, so they hooked her back up to an IV and kept an eye on her.

Bug had more blood tests done to make sure her red-blood cell count was decreasing and to make sure she was doing ok. She got to come home at about 5:20 last night and we’ve been armed with special dog food (Science Diet i/d) and 4 different medications; she goes for a checkup to make sure everything’s ok on Monday evening.

She has to be monitored closely, so I had to call into work and tell them I couldn’t work today (I hate that I did it, but we can’t leave her alone today for longer than it takes me to go pee or make coffee). Her crate’s been moved into the bedroom, she’s got a little blanket, and is now curled up in a ball asleep.

Bug’s doing a little better, she’s smiling and rolling over lazily for belly rubs. She drooled and spit out her medicine from last night, and she doesn’t have the best balance right now. Like I mentioned earlier, she’s been using her nub to help keep her balance and she has to slide off our bed when she wants down.

Hopefully Firefly won’t be depressed again today. She just laid around yesterday because Bug wasn’t around and didn’t want to do anything. I hope that in a couple of days we’ll be able to put Bug’s crate back in their room and she can sleep with everyone near her again.


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