So apparently I am still trying to figure WordPress out. I had 3 comments stuck in the spam filter of this thing. Awesome. I guess at some point I’ll have to figure out what to do with that.

So now I get to spazz all happy-geeky because holyshitIgotacomment.Yes, I am a dork.

Book reviews will be coming along. I found that I am, in reality, more along the lines of between 30 and 50 book reviews behind instead of maybe…15 as I had hoped. Gallery of Horror is still 1/4 done being reviewed and currently stuck in limbo since I have things to do, like work and irritate the cats.

Film reviews are, thankfully, a lot less, coming in at under 20. It is normally the other way around, but since we haven’t been home long enough to watch a movie save for maybe one day a week, things have slowed down in that department of entertainment.

And, I usually spend my “free” time at work reading while at the most jotting down notes for books/stories that include “got bored, skipped” and “what the fuck?” Or sketching ideas for comics.

I would work on another review, but Mellie and the others need to be checked on, I need to let Snooch out of the side room (because I am evil and the cats are fed separately), and wash dishes since my aunt is coming by tonight to show us nifty things. And I need to watch Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who before the DVR deletes it.


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