Plans, I have them

I have plans for things. Maybe too many things.

I have plans to work on film and book reviews (ye gods am I behind on reviews.) What happened? Oh, that’s right. Work happened, so instead of being behind on maybe 4 film reviews and about…3 book reviews or so, I’m like 30 films and 20 books behind. Possibly more. Apparently I have kept a crap-tastic log of what I’ve finished and what we’ve seen. Thankfully, we have Netflix and they are easy to keep track of, we’ve only sat down to watch maybe 6 films in the living room (dvd player), and all the books are in there so I can go back and make notes of what I’ve finished and compare it to what I’ve reviewed.

I have plans to re-work my little rinky-dink site. It’s a fun little thing and I enjoy playing with it. Along with the site, I plan on getting my comic back up. I think I may have enough to form some sort of buffer for times when I don’t get the chance to work on comics and work is insane.

I have artsy-fartsy plans too.

I need to make something for a friend, though I’m stuck as to what exactly that will be. The extent of the plan is actually to make two things, one she’ll always be able to take with her, and the other to be more of a home-thing. I’m sure it’ll come eventually, but it’s already been a week and I feel very behind on this.

For my mom’s birthday (this past April), I had planned on making her this awesome little vase (Mario Bros. tube) with some Mario Bros. flowers (from different Mario games). I didn’t get the preliminaries done for the flowers in time, so I figured: Mother’s day. Well, that’s come and gone and I’ve finally got what I need, but I have to separate the beads to find the colours I need, find my giant round pegboard, and iron together Shyguy, Birdo, and Blooper before I can use my square pegboards. I have told her I am doing something super-geeky for her and she’s kind of excited.

Being as my mom is Fucking Awesome, she likes to remind me that “it’s the thought that counts” and it’s perfectly ok that I am super late on her birthday present.

Then: We’re coming up on June, I need to start working on scarves and hats.

Yes, I am insane.

I had about 4 scarves I had planned on making this year (err…5, if you count the Gryffindor ones separately. I am surrounded by Gryffindor fans). Then, I got the bright idea that will. not. let. go. of doing the Fourth Doctor’s Scarf. Which is insanely long

I am working on making more rattie things (tubes and hidey-holes), I wanted to make a rainbowy bag, and I’ve got 2 hats I know I want to make with a third that I’ve pretty much made but haven’t done the ear flaps to (the Jayne hat!)

I am also planning on working on my writing a bit. I’ve got two stories I am working on now, not including the novel ideas, and I want to do some of those “writing excersizes” because I’ve come across some that sound really fun.

And this is not including the baking and things I want to do. But, hey, let’s see how it goes and just work from there. Whatever happens, it’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure.


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