So apparently I am still trying to figure WordPress out. I had 3 comments stuck in the spam filter of this thing. Awesome. I guess at some point I’ll have to figure out what to do with that.

So now I get to spazz all happy-geeky because holyshitIgotacomment.Yes, I am a dork.

Book reviews will be coming along. I found that I am, in reality, more along the lines of between 30 and 50 book reviews behind instead of maybe…15 as I had hoped. Gallery of Horror is still 1/4 done being reviewed and currently stuck in limbo since I have things to do, like work and irritate the cats.

Film reviews are, thankfully, a lot less, coming in at under 20. It is normally the other way around, but since we haven’t been home long enough to watch a movie save for maybe one day a week, things have slowed down in that department of entertainment.

And, I usually spend my “free” time at work reading while at the most jotting down notes for books/stories that include “got bored, skipped” and “what the fuck?” Or sketching ideas for comics.

I would work on another review, but Mellie and the others need to be checked on, I need to let Snooch out of the side room (because I am evil and the cats are fed separately), and wash dishes since my aunt is coming by tonight to show us nifty things. And I need to watch Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who before the DVR deletes it.


Internal Superglue

I warn you now: I’m about to talk about poo. I’ll notate when it’s over.

We’ve come to the conclusion that Little Miss Mellie (who is going back to the RVSPCA today as her foster-time is ending and she is officially old enough to be adopted) has superglue in her intestines. Not literally, but in some form, she has this super-poo.

In a way, I think all puppies have acquired this Super-Poo before going on to leave just stinky-poo and (thankfully) the rare case of “Ohmygods, did you explode?!”

Maybe it’s that whole Pittie Puppy thing going on where whatever is in their crate, they have to play with it. And if it’s poo, they will hop on it, roll on it, eat it (yes I have caught Mellie snuffling about eating dried poo that she dug out from under the crate while I was cleaning). Maybe it’s the mix of shelter-provided puppy food mixed with whatever form of plastic the crate-bottoms are, but holy fucking cow man. It is hard as hell getting it off.

We had old towels, old clothes that we were not comfortable donating (the beyond repairable, it should be a cleaning rag kind of clothing that we had in a box in our closet and had no idea what to do with besides give it to the rats), and she took a sheet-top (the sheet without the elastic in it). All had to be thrown out due to the copious amounts of ingrained puppy poo that even after knocking off into the backyard the washer couldn’t get this stuff out.

We’ve had to take her crate bottom outside no less than three times to spray it off. It was like the opposite of the defense mechanism of eating it, it was like saying “here’s my poo, this is mine.”

[end poo…tangent. thing]

We enjoy fostering and now there’ll be a little more of a reason why we try to go for the older dogs: less cleaning up. That and it’s not as easy to step on them and push them out of the way while you’re walking in that “oh, puppy stomach on the foot, fling/slide” that happens early in the morning. It’s fun having small puppies, but it’s good to see that she’s now old enough to be put up for adoption. I’ll miss the little squealer.

I still firmly believe that whomever bred her mom needs to be whacked upside the head and in the groin area, especially for taking pups basically right after their eyes opened. We know one’s survived definitely (Mellie), but I hate to think what’s happened to the others. Mellie has been, in every essence, a pittie puppy. She’s wiggly, she’s hoppy, whiney, talks-back, great listener, will follow you to the ends of the Earth and back, loves scritches, loves being held, is becoming a couch potato while firmly believing that everyone, and everything, is her friend. Even Langley, who really does not like her (he’s become so ornery lately)

I’m thinking that maybe the next dog we foster, we’ll try to see if we can foster Meathead if he’d be ok to be in a home with four other dogs. I like Meathead, he’s an adorable guy who we met when we took Leanna back (I miss Leanna, she was a good dog)

Plans, I have them

I have plans for things. Maybe too many things.

I have plans to work on film and book reviews (ye gods am I behind on reviews.) What happened? Oh, that’s right. Work happened, so instead of being behind on maybe 4 film reviews and about…3 book reviews or so, I’m like 30 films and 20 books behind. Possibly more. Apparently I have kept a crap-tastic log of what I’ve finished and what we’ve seen. Thankfully, we have Netflix and they are easy to keep track of, we’ve only sat down to watch maybe 6 films in the living room (dvd player), and all the books are in there so I can go back and make notes of what I’ve finished and compare it to what I’ve reviewed.

I have plans to re-work my little rinky-dink site. It’s a fun little thing and I enjoy playing with it. Along with the site, I plan on getting my comic back up. I think I may have enough to form some sort of buffer for times when I don’t get the chance to work on comics and work is insane.

I have artsy-fartsy plans too.

I need to make something for a friend, though I’m stuck as to what exactly that will be. The extent of the plan is actually to make two things, one she’ll always be able to take with her, and the other to be more of a home-thing. I’m sure it’ll come eventually, but it’s already been a week and I feel very behind on this.

For my mom’s birthday (this past April), I had planned on making her this awesome little vase (Mario Bros. tube) with some Mario Bros. flowers (from different Mario games). I didn’t get the preliminaries done for the flowers in time, so I figured: Mother’s day. Well, that’s come and gone and I’ve finally got what I need, but I have to separate the beads to find the colours I need, find my giant round pegboard, and iron together Shyguy, Birdo, and Blooper before I can use my square pegboards. I have told her I am doing something super-geeky for her and she’s kind of excited.

Being as my mom is Fucking Awesome, she likes to remind me that “it’s the thought that counts” and it’s perfectly ok that I am super late on her birthday present.

Then: We’re coming up on June, I need to start working on scarves and hats.

Yes, I am insane.

I had about 4 scarves I had planned on making this year (err…5, if you count the Gryffindor ones separately. I am surrounded by Gryffindor fans). Then, I got the bright idea that will. not. let. go. of doing the Fourth Doctor’s Scarf. Which is insanely long

I am working on making more rattie things (tubes and hidey-holes), I wanted to make a rainbowy bag, and I’ve got 2 hats I know I want to make with a third that I’ve pretty much made but haven’t done the ear flaps to (the Jayne hat!)

I am also planning on working on my writing a bit. I’ve got two stories I am working on now, not including the novel ideas, and I want to do some of those “writing excersizes” because I’ve come across some that sound really fun.

And this is not including the baking and things I want to do. But, hey, let’s see how it goes and just work from there. Whatever happens, it’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure.

I, Coriander – review

I, Coriander by Sally Gardner (link goes to Amazon)

During the mid 1600s, we’re introduced to a little red-headed girl named Coriander, whose father is a wealthy merchant and mother is an apothecarian/witch (because this is the 17th century and any woman who is deemed smart is an evil hag). They live a pretty care-free life, but then the mother becomes ill and dies, the father is thrown into an almost maddening depression and is informed by a close family friend that he needs to marry a Good Puritan Woman because he is seen as a Royalist and Oliver Cromwell wants his head.

Yes, historical fiction. I enjoy historical fiction, but this is a fantasy-driven historical fiction piece, so it’s a bit more…surreal.

The father marries a horrible lady, who brings a cowering daughter and an evil little man who pretends to be a preacher. The father runs off because there’s a warrant for his arrest, and the preacher locks Coriander in a trunk. She somehow arrives into a different world (believed to be more of the Faery world, but it is never outright stated as such), meets a cooky old man who is actually responsible for her parents getting together, and somehow thwarts a royal marriage which screws the prince (he gets turned into a fox and hunted for fun) and she ends up back in the trunk.

So, approximately a day has passed that Coriander is aware of, but she’s been “locked” in the trunk for three years. She learns she must find her mother’s shadow, which was hidden in an ebony box by her father, to save the prince (the fox) and all will be better.

The time-frames on this are…really confusing. When Coriander ends up in the Faery-realm the first time, she spends about…maybe a day, day and half there. Maybe two at the most since she falls asleep and the scenery changes a bit.When she comes back to her world, she’s been gone three years. But, when she goes back the second time, she spends approximately a day, day and a half there again, yet when she goes back to her world, she’s been gone a year and a half

There is a mention on how the time is different for both worlds, but shouldn’t they be more consistent? There were a couple errors that look like the author had written the scene four or so times and forgot to switch words or take something out and it was missed because reading it, the brain automatically puts it to how it makes sense. There’s one where I read it and stopped from continuing to re-read the line.

Wow, I just put “there” as the beginning of every sentence in that paragraph. Way to go Manders.

One thing that really irked me was that at the end of every “part” (there are…five parts to the book), it mentions extinguishing a candle because it’s the end of that part of her life, story, or somesuch. It got old really fast, so I skipped those two sentences every time they showed up. But, I did enjoy the sketches that show up in the book itself, it’s very reminiscent of Edward Gorey.

This is a 1st person POV novel, which can be hard to pull off (not as hard as 2nd person present POV) but the author did pretty well with this one. In the beginning, it’s mainly rose-coloured 17th century, by the middle it’s fantasy-adventure, and then by the end my brain screamed “Oh my gods, I am reading the 12-year-old version of a Harlequin novel.” and “Wrong! Historically wrong!” with the whole thing with Coriander putting her foot down and telling her father she did not want to marry this ponce of a kid. But, hey, it’s a fantasy novel and if it’s historical fantasy, how many people are going to read it and know certain aspects of that part of history? (unless they’re weird like me)

Then we hit the end, and I feel that the end could…have been explained a little more. How in the hell does he get to Corianders world? He wasn’t supposed to be able to. Did I miss something?

Overall, decent read, not too bad of a novel. I may or may not read this again, and if I find someone who wants to read this, they can have my copy (hardback, almost perfect condition. currently lives in a house with cats and dogs). I may attempt to read another story by the author, which is great. At least this book did not land in the level of “A Winter Haunting” by Dan Simmons. (it’s in that level of “ye gods, why?!” And I think we gave it to someone else)