Ninja Dog strikes again

Izzy is Ninja Dog (Fly is Houdini-Dog because she was here first and we still can’t figure out how she used to get out of her crate).

Izzy has been learning from The Master (Fly) and has managed to continuously break out of her crate. Once, she actually broke out of her crate and had it collapse while she was spazzing out around Hobbes’s crate while we were having dinner. But, this morning, I found her to be out of the crate and a giant mess in the Art/Dog room (“the Orange room” which used to be “art and Mander’s random crap but got turned into the dog room since the first dog room is too small to hold four dog crates in a row). She had busted out again, she ripped through pretty much the top layer of yarn and flung it everywhere. She stopped when she hit the alpaca yarn I have (because it smells like mothballs. The girl I got it from did warn me and offered to get rid of the smell, but I told her it was ok) and went for something else. She ripped up a little fold out Random Factoid sheet of Epicetus that I have no idea where it came from and found the Non-Toxic kiddie clay.

And chewed it all to hell.

The dog is going to be crapping rainbows. I took a deep breath, pushed her out of the room, and went to work. I’m still pretty amazed I didn’t step on the little piles of poo scattered strategically between the door and light switch (behind the door, which is very inconvenient sometimes). I had to peel kiddie-clay off the floor while the other three watched me, eventually Bug flipped over onto her back all excitedly. I love that Bugs is becoming a spazz (it only took almost a year and a half!) and it’s been really great seeing her open up more.

In reality, Izz-butt only pulled the pieces of clay apart from each other and flung them around. I think she had more fun smooshing them onto the floor than chewing on them (only 2 peices had teeth marks) and I picked up enough of it to account for what was left of the kiddie-clay we hadn’t used. Izzy also pulled Bug’s blanket halfway out of her crate again, but this time she didn’t pee on it so that’s a step in the right direction.

While cleaning up, I pulled out my little wire cutters and the pipe cleaners and got to work twist-tying the crate back together. It’s held up, which is great! And I’ve had to do it to the crate that our foster-dog (Leanna) is in because she decided to bust out and drool all over the floor. I thought I stepped in pee, but pee doesn’t make your feet stick to the floor after it’s cleaned up.


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