nose goblin

I feel like a walking snot ball. Jamie called me a Giant Nose Goblin.

The short story writing excersize has worked a little. I found some inspiration and now am working on a “short” story (last time I started work on a short story, I ended at roughly 30 pages, hand written, and I am still nowhere where I want to be with only a vague idea what it’s about). So far, I’m going for notes and I keep coming up with more questions than anything. It’s been fun to work on and hopefully I’ll have something decent by the time it’s over with.

Snooch has finally realized there is something in the tank on our dresser (Dante). He’s been an evil little shit when it comes to the tank the last few days by unplugging Dante’s heater and lamp, getting on the tank (thankfully the top is a reinforced metal mesh), he has broken a bulb, knocked the lamp off of the tank and bent the lamp shade thing, and now he’s hit it hard enough to move it while spazzing out. It makes me glad that Ugly only loafs up in front of Dante’s tank.

I think I may have gotten someone interested in adopting Leanna, so that’s great. We’re really hoping someone will adopt her soon; she needs her own family to love on. And Hobbes has decided that he’s going to “talk back/act out” whenever we tell him he needs to “go to bed.” It’s really cute and I don’t mind encouraging it because he prances around like a goofball and shakes his head “no,” but I know he’s doing it because he just wants to act out a little bit. And by encouraging, I am usually walking after him in the kitchen telling him I know he doesn’t want to, but he has to go to bed and he’s being silly. He’s a good dog.

Speaking of work, the other day I had a girl shove her pen in my face demanding to know if I wanted to work a specific day while I was writing down my schedule. I looked at her and calmly responded “It’s Saturday, I work every Saturday.” (and I do, I don’t mind. The only time I don’t is when I’m really sick or that super rare occassion that they schedule me off)

She decided to go on a rant about how it’s no fair because that’s her birthday and she requested it off “like 4 months ago.” I went back to writing down my schedule and she proceeded to bitch and moan to every single person who walked up to either clock out or write down their schedule about how it’s “not fair.”

One of our co-workers looked at her and unsympathetically told her to put her hours up and see if anyone will take them. She bitched about how it wasn’t fair. By this time, my only thoughts were “What? Are you turning 6?”

I don’t know what they tell people now when they get hired, but when I was hired, I was informed that yes, you can request days off, but there is no garauntee that you’ll get that day or those days off. Depending on what’s going on, they’ll try very hard to work with your request, but basically you don’t know until the schedule is posted.


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