dogs and writing

I have learned over the past few days that my new mantra is “I love my dogs, I love my dogs, I love my dogs.” This is due to only a small number of things (being sick, housework, Jamie and Fred ripping down the studio-thing, it raining, etc) But, we have also found that while we expect the worst of our dogs, they’re actually pretty well behaved and they do shut up after 5 minutes of barking at 4:30 am unlike little miss Leanna who has decided barking is all she is going to do. Not fun first thing in the morning.

For the most part, the studio-thing is down. What’s pretty much left is the “foundation” that constitutes the “storage” half of it that is partially underground (and also full of gravel), the floor/ceiling to that part of the building which is interlocked flooring peices that have been nailed together, and the highly unstable stairs and porch. This building thing was very deceptive. Jamie pointed out that while they were trying to pull it apart, they found that the person who built it put support beams up by nailing 3 peices of wood together in a hundred different ways, and that is exactly what they did for the roof as well. Well, now we know why the chainsaw didn’t want to work (besides not wanting to go through the 6 boxes of nails that were used and the 3 layers of roofing shingles plus layer of roofing paper and packing tape).

In a way, I am not shocked at all by this.

During this time of…demolition and annoyance, Izzy found that she really does not like loud noises and reverted back to refusing to go down the hallway. When we had fostered her, she was terrified of hallways, so it was really sad seeing her cower. Being the evil bastard that I am, I picked her up and plunked her puppy-butt on the back porch and she promptly went and hid under it.

Izzy still has bathroom issues, but she’s tiny and we try to make sure she goes to the bathroom outside more times than in. We’ve gotten to where she does it maybe overnight, sometimes if she can’t hold it she’ll do it in the afternoon. But she also has excitable pee moments. She’s a puppy, and I suck and sometimes forget to take her out five minutes after she drinks a lot of water (she has the bladder the size of a marble, I swear)

It took two days and Firefly barrelling down the hallway to the backyard before Izzy would willingly go outside without cowering. Thunderstorms and lightening strikes don’t bother her, but hammering does. Welcome to the wonderfully weird family, Izz-butt.



I was going to spend some time writing about writing (ha), but I started off on a tangent about the building thing, realized that I’d already pretty much written about it, deleted it, and wrote about Izzy. This is me, scatterbrained and it makes perfect sense to me because that’s how I roll. Or, at least, it makes sense at the time and if it doesn’t later then fine, whatever.

I enjoy writing, but I have come to the startling conclusion that I just don’t do it any longer. Sure, I’ll write a blog entry every so often, but even that’s become less and less often as time goes on. I used to enjoy writing fanfiction, but I haven’t written anything in…well I can’t say years since I started working on a Harry Potter fanfic a while back, but even that was well over a year ago and I finally found pieces to it. I had an idea, and that’s all that mattered, and that’s how I went with those stories. But other than that, I hadn’t written any fanfiction in forever, I think my last one was some sort of Gundam Wing or Ronin Warriors thing (yes, those were my two universes. I have no problem admitting to this).

I also had some neat ideas for either a short story or a novel or something and…well…I still have the idea on paper. Hell, I’ve got a trilogy outline somewhere in that mass of papers I call my “ideas folders” (yes folders, with an ‘S’ because there are four of them, not including the notebooks that have random ideas at random intervals and other spots they undoubtedly are) I also have a base outline for a zombie novel, a SF novel, and roughly 1/4 of a Mythos story that would be awesome to submit to an anthology if I can ever finish the damn thing, figure out where it’s going exactly, and pare it down a bit.

I think it may be time to try a different approach to writing besides “Hey! That’s a neat idea!” and “Ok, point A, point B, and point C.” I do normally go with the first one, I tried the second one and that’s how that weird trilogy thing came out, but I couldn’t figure a good way to pull it together. I think what’s stopping me on that one is the basic “Why!?” because it bothers me when there is no viable explanation other than “because I can and it makes sense in my world.” And I’m a bit lazy on the research I need to make that particular story believable.

I think what it is is that I used to be able to crank out hundreds, or thousands, of words with no problem and it be decent. Not remarkable or amazing, but pretty good for a kid whose biggest asset was Wordpad/notebook, some music, and imagination. What the hell happened?

I still work on book and movie reviews, sure (I am way behind on them as well because I am a procrastinator), but I don’t work on story ideas. I pointed this out to Jamie the other day and mentioned that I should do something about it (and I should. Where else can I be a serial killer and get away with it?) I had the idea of finding more interesting concepts to write about to help out with genre and things, or even just as a fun excersize. And, if anything, maybe something neat will come out of it.

Jamie thought the idea was pretty fun and pointed out that maybe we could just take a look at anthologies and try to write based on their breif idea to see what comes out. I think this is an awesome idea. Use it more of seeing what I can come up with than “let’s see what I can vomit out onto a keyboard and send it out to see what happens.”

I can either peruse the decent anthology collection we have on our shelves, go through publisher synopses (like Severed Press. These guys are awesome) and try from one of their things they’re doing, or I can browse Amazon’s collection of anthologies and do base works from what I find.

It’ll be a fun way to do things. Get back into that whole writing thing and see what I can do with it. And, if I get stuck, I can always remind myself that if Wil Wheaton, Sam Starbuck, and Ursula Vernon can do it, then damnit, so can I.


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