fun fun

So, it’s been an interesting day and a half. Yesterday Jamie and Fred spent about 8 hours working on tearing our studio/thing down. This should’ve taken a lot less time, but surprisingly, even with the two back supports cut, the damn thing still didn’t fall down. They also found an old Nerf football (like really old, when Nerf still did bubble-letters), an entombed can of beer, and a pellet gun. They also had broken glass fall on them that was buried within the wall/ceiling.

Fred managed to slice his hand open, but I don’t think he noticed. He also fell into the holly bush with the chainsaw going, so he said he’d chop it down today. This was surprising, as we were expecting him to turn around and cut it up right then.

Then, this morning, as they were loading the truck up so they could haul some of the stuff, they shattered the back window of Fred’s truck. He has an appointment to get it fixed first thing in the morning, which was the earliest they could get him in. Jamie mentioned that the woman he was speaking to about what had happened tried three other locations to see if they could get him in any earlier, which is pretty awesome.


I’m still sick, so I’m pretty worthless to them. Instead, I’m doing housework (taking a small break right now, obviously). Snooch has decided he wants to eat the Pirahna Plant that Jamie made me a while back, so I have to find new hiding spots for the poor thing.

I hate being sick. I feel like I’m holding my nose and trying to pop my ears thanks to all the pressure that’s there.


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