Aw man

I gave up and went to the doctor yesterday morning (thanks to Bob, Action Hero because he was able to drive me) due to being barely able to talk and feeling like crap. This made our friend Robert happy, who had been attempting on Monday to get me to go to the doctor and even offered to drive me.

Come to find out, not only was I awesome enough to get a migraine from hell over the weekend, I also have Strep and Laryngitis. This sucks and this means that I cannot work until I can talk again, which may or may not be by Friday. I’m hoping I can work Friday because, if not, this means that I have missed an entire week of work. I hate missing one day of work, or even an hour of work. If I could do something at work other than talk all day (which is a large portion of my job), I would be at work right now doing stuff.

I had Jamie take me to work yesterday evening so I could hand over my doctor’s note and pretty much prove “I’m sick, I can’t work, this sucks.” in a wonderfully raspy whisper. Thankfully, I was able to catch the lady who makes the schedules, freaked her out by telling her what I have, and she said she’d take care of the schedule for me (yay!)

So, now I feel like I’m hacking up a lung, my chest hurts from coughing (I have coughed so hard I popped the large pustule on the back of my throat. yes this is gross and I got to gross out the doctor!), every time I sneeze it hurts, thanks to coughing all the gunk has broken up and stuff just keeps happening. And I feel like I can’t hear for crap now since now my ears are clogged.

Yep, when I get sick, I get a bunch of gunk at once. But, on the brightside, in a couple of days I’ll be over this. Now to take the regemine of pills and take the beasts out.


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