Repo! The Genetic Opera, review

So I finally parked my lazy butt in front of the computer to play Repo! The Genetic Opera. It’s something that’s been on our Insta-Watch for…well over a year and I just haven’t really been compelled to watch it.  This is partially due to doing stuff, making sure Jamie’s not home (he really does not like musicals. he still does not forgive me for dragging him with me and a friend to see Rent in theatres), and being in the mood to watch a musical. Normally, I’m good with this because a lot of older movies are pretty much musicals, but I was pretty put off when I sat down to watch Sweeney Todd. Since I am home with pretty much nothing to do, determined to do mostly nothing, and feeling gypped by getting both laryngitis and strep at the same time, I decided to watch this film.

It’s a musical, or something along those lines, in which the whole world has become apocalyptic! Woo! People are having organ failure and one guy becomes their leader by selling new parts. People thrive and the world still spins. Then! He decides to rally for reposession if you cannot pay for your shiny new innards (or face, eyes, and other body parts). If you are late on payment, you get to be hunted down like the cheerleader from a slasher film and gutted! Awesome.

But, there’s another part, a young girl (uhh…young woman, teenager) has defied her fathers wishes and goes to her mother’s grave, where she meets a graverobber that pretty much opens her eyes to the world around her. Fascinating. There’s also a good portion of blood and guts, which is fun. The bloody bits are more in tune with reality that most horror films, so that was good to see.

Some of the faces are familiar in the film. We have Paris Hilton, who plays “Amber Sweet,” and I found she did a decent job with it. This is much better than the 2002 film “Nine Lives,” even though her character was killed within about the first 20 minutes. And, I’d wager this is better than “House of Wax,” but I haven’t seen that film (I’d rather stick with the weird slasher 80s version). We also have Anthony Head, who is pretty much mostly well known for his role in the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” television show as the teacher/guide for Buffy. I don’t know, I didn’t watch the show, I perfer the original movie. And we also have Bill Mosely, who plays Luigi and he does a great job. I’m always surprised to find that he’s in a film we’ve seen since he’s pretty good at looking much different from any other movie he’s been in (at least, that’s what I think)

This film is, to put it lightly, fucking bizarre. It is a mashup of pretty much anything and everything. My first thoughts were: This is a fucked up version of Firefly. It’s like that one moon Mal and the crew land on that you don’t get to see in the show or the BDM (Big Damn Movie, otherwise known as “Serenity”) and you’re half expecting to see Badger show up. But, I didn’t see any Space Cowboys or ships.

There’s also this weird mixture of Silent Hill Nurse meets Sexy Porno Halloween Nurse meets some weird version of a Pin-Up girl. At least, that’s the feel I got for it. It’s also got this weird film version of being goth, overall, and Steampunk (I had “Happy Birthday My Olde Friend” going through my head through some of this film. It was like watching that video blown to over an hour and with more bizarre things than stepping through the looking-glass).

Then it was this sudden realization that this film had this weird 60s LSD film feel to it. It was kind of like where you’re flipping through the channels and find a movie where some girl is freaking out about being stuck to the ceiling and then bam! dance scene! back to the film. (this has happened to Jamie and myself. I still have no idea what that film was about).

We also have the lead bad guy (Paul Sorvino), who did a really well job and we have the girl who plays Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman) who reminded me of Tarja (formerly of Nightwish. No, I will not listen to any Nightwish beyond “Nemo.” I personally think it sounds funny)

It was a fascinating movie, a bit bizarre for most people I would think. It was kind of like an hour and a half of one long music video. The Fourth Wall is broken a couple of times, but it works for this film. I think my biggest thing was “Hey! I know where I can get that coat!” (the Repo-Man’s jacket coat thingy) and “What kind of boots are those?” More than the conscious knowledge that I really do not want to know what kind of bug is in the beginning.

The end is fucked up, sad, and leaves on a cliffhanger of sorts. The thing with the story boards for background reference was interesting. It was a lot like watching Sin City or Trick’r’Treat, so I’m not sure if that’s what they were going for (to be like those) or an homage to how they worked with Sin City.

I liked it, it was an interesting film. The Graverobber made me think of Dani Filth. I really don’t think that most people would enjoy this film, but people who like musicals might be interested in it, those who like horror might like it. But this is also under the “comedy” category and: No. This is not a comedy unless you want to be absolutely technical and go by the Greco-Roman version of Comedy then yes, yes it is. But if you’re in the mood for comedic horror, go watch Shaun of the Dead. I will probably not watch this again, but I’ll give it a good rating on our Netflix list.


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