Oh Monday

Over the weekend I had a massive migraine that decided to creep in and stay latched on to the point where I seriously considered signing up for one of those medical studies of lobotomies even though I am fully aware how dangerous they are.  I was also under the impression that the nerves behind my eyeballs were slowly unraveling and my eyeballs were going to pop out, leaving me with a dark, empty hole and little reddish tendrils flailing about uselessly.  This is a step up/down from the “I feel like my eyeball is going to pop out” part of the headaches I sometimes get.

So doing stuff went to crap, I called into work and I hate calling into work. It makes me feel irresponsible and I feel like I’m letting my neat co-workers down. But, it’s also a good thing I called in, because I ended up curling in bed with a blanket and pillow over my head believing that I had died in an elevator accident, got transported to 2061, and everyone just uploaded information by USB port that was put into the back of their skulls. Then I woke up and really wished I had had another weird paranormal/supernatural dream instead of this one. I blame the copious amounts of ib profen I had taken.

By yesterday afternoon, my migraine was gone and I noticed, wow my throat is killing me. Now I can barely talk and have large pustules on the back of my throat. It’s like having an extra uvula and it is a very bizarre feeling.  So I am hoping that with home remedies and things, it will go away and I will be fine enough when I go back to work on Wednesday.

I told Jamie that I sound like I hit puberty, and now our friend Robert is attempting to convince me to go to a doctor. Great idea, but kind of hard to do when I don’t drive and I have enough money for the co-pay but I don’t have any money for any prescriptions if they are written.


I had an idea for something I wanted to write about on here, but it’s just really not coming out the way I want it to. Even though I am portraying the emotion that I want for it, it’s starting to come out as “Look at me! I’m a moron who doesn’t know what she’s talking about!” I’ll find a way to write it up without it sounding to stupid but with enough reasoning behind it.

There are film and book reviews that I need to do, but I just really do not feel like doing them. Today’s been a pretty off day.


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