life, or something like it

Yesterday was the first day that we officially did yard work. Not because we’re lazy bastards (I am, but Jamie’s not), but because some cosmic entity has decided that Virginia is going to have shit weather for a while and when there are days that are really nice, we’re at work. I guess it’s all part of growing up.

I spent my time weedeating in which I mentally cursed the jackasses who throw crap into our yard (though, thankfully, I have not found dirty underwear again), silently hoped that one day the City will either A) do their damn job and clean the ditch that runs parallel to one side of our fencing or B) give me, in writing, proof/acknowledgement that the ditch is our property so I can concrete that bitch. This ditch area is used for water runoff for part of the street we live on, the grating has been covered in a nice…foot-deep or so layer of muck that the City has happily ignored for the better part of the year.

So, while I weedeated, I was attacked by the gnomes that live at our house and waded through thigh-high jungle of flowers that have grown insanely fast due to where they are. I was shocked. But, on the bright side of the wild-flowers, this has kept the Fucking Ugly plant from growing back and has happily helped the roses grow at a nice pace.

I really hate that first weedeating of the year. It makes my arms hurt and I spend much of the following day hoping that I don’t have to stretch my arms all the way out.


Afterwards, Mom stopped by the house and gave me her Nintendo DS because she doesn’t play it and no longer wanted it. Ok, I’ll take it. Hell, it’ll give me something to do before I go into work some mornings. She only had two games (Brain Age, which tells me my brain is 72, and Mystery Case Files: Mystery of the Missing Millionheir). I have been playing Mystery Case Files and have been thoroughly enjoying myself. Sure, it’s a “kids game,” but then again, so is Pacman and Super Mario Bros. At least, with this game, I can save! Best invention for a video game ever is the save option.

Now, we own a bright red DS that comes in a neon pink carrying case. Mom told me to draw on the case to make it mine, so I’m thinking about putting Hello Cthulhu or something on it. It only seems right.

Strangely, I’ve spent at least 5 hours playing the Mystery Case Files game, and I have not noticed where time has gone, I have not gotten so pissed off I’ve given up like I do with other games, and I’m only on Chapter/Part 4! I just started this part (I was stuck on Chapter 3 for what seemed like an eternity).

Playing this game has really convinced us that we really need to buy a Gamecube and Mario Party 7 (besides staying up all night playing Mario Party with my aunt and uncle one night, sleeping for maybe two hours, and going back to play it).


In other “news,” we recieved Izzy’s new crate. It’s a little smaller than what we were expecting. When we requested “Medium,” we thought we were getting something around Bug and Fly’s crate size, but no. It’s a little smaller, but that’s ok. Izzy’s not going to be getting that much bigger and this new crate works really well for her. At least I’ll have a good two days before it’s coated in this weird film from accidents (she pees and rubs her paws on the door, which even after cleaning it keeps this weird filmy feel to it).

Now we have to wait on her new harness and the USB cable so we can plug Jamie’s new laptop up to the “wireless” router. For a wireless router, it sure does have a lot of damn wires to it.

We attempted to hook it up after recieving it and somehow managed to knock our soundcard into reading through the CPU only and completely ignore the speakers. We’re a little confused by it and have not made any attempt to see what we can do with our Google-Fu skills. Mainly because it’s not a top priority and it’s set up to where we can have stuff going at night and not be woken up by it. Though, this will cause a problem when the weekend hits since that’s when we watch cheesey horror films on our Insta-Watch.


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