I write up film and book reviews, mainly so I can have a record of what I have read and what I thought about it. I put it up on my little rinky-dink website I’ve had forever and I’ve found myself thinking about maybe putting the reviews up here as well.

I mentioned this to Jamie the other day and he pointed out that I could post about them on both the little website and the blog because, hey, what’s the harm? Especially since the film reviews are for our records and I’ve been enjoying keeping a track of what book I’ve finished (I cannot keep a list of “Books I am reading” since that list generally falls between 5 and 30 books at a time. Last I checked, I was reading about 10. This is due to being easily distracted and getting bored or uninterested halfway through a book. I’m nearly done with 3 or 4 of them and I just can’t bring myself to finish them right now)

If anything, I could try to do reviews on here and keep the “condensed copy” elsewhere. It might be easier to post them up here since it would be like one entry per review instead of 8 per page for films and 10 or 12 per page for books.

It might help seeing as how I’ve need to write film reviews for…a rather large selection and just simply haven’t done so and I recently finished Dave Morrell’s “Creepers” and have yet to write a review for it. I need to figure out good ways to explain the book besides “Squee!” and “I didn’t care much for that part.”

I guess while I pick up the house and try to find where the house-gnomes put my wallet I can continue contemplating this. It’ll be much more productive than sitting here, thinking about it, and listening to the groundhogs attack each other in our neighbor’s yard or listening to Snooch do that weird clicking thing when he spots a bird close to the window.


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