Angrier and Angrier

As an animal lover and Roanoke resident, I will honestly say I really do not like Angels of Asissi. This is not because it is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, not because it is located rather conveniently in Downtown, or some of the work they do.

I say some of the work.

Pulling animals from shelters and other cases is great, but they’re not the only ones. There are hundreds of shelters and rescue organizations that do this all the time, and usually without the hypocritical nonsense that comes out of here. Case in point: Today’s Blog Entry

They have gone off about how RCACP does not do anything for animals except euthanize them. Yes there is a high euthanasia rate in Roanoke because people aren’t educated about the need for spaying/neutering and a good portion are fucking moronic imbeciles who let their animals roam free.

This is not the first time they have done this. When Channel 10 (WSLS) decided to do a “10 On Your Side” piece about how Mary Marr, behaviorist for the RVSPCA doesn’t know what she’s doing and helps put a lot of animals to death, Angels was all over it.  And they’ve probably been doing stuff like this longer, I have just been trying to ignore them.

As Jamie pointed out about the WSLS news-blurb: “They want to point out that no one there knows how to do their job and just likes to kill animals.” Which is pretty much what the 15-minute “news” brief did. It also said some stupid things like: one animal was deemed “unadoptable,” yet Angels was able to pull it and adopt it out. If an animal is deemed “unadoptable,” even rescue organizations can’t take that animal.

When an animal is taken to RCACP (the pound. Every locality is required to have an Intake Center for animals), they give the animal a specified period of time before it is tested, contacts are made, space is looked into. If an animal is too sick or acting too aggressively to be safely stated it can go somewhere, there is that rather unfortunate option of euthanasia. The Roanoke Muncipality has chosen to make RCACP non-available for volunteers to work with, which is why you’ll see volunteers at the RVSPCA.

If the residents of Roanoke really want the RCACP to have volunteers able to work within the building, then we all need to get together and tell the Council Members this.

Yes, there is a group of volunteers who are trying to work updating coordinations with rescue organizations and the RCACP to help move more animals out and make the euthanasia numbers less because right now Mary is the only one capable of the coordinating and, frankly, she’s pretty overwhelmed as it is.

Angels is a good organization, but I find some of their practices to be less than wonderful.

Have you ever been in there? Sure, you can only do so much with a lobby, but that was one fucking nasty ass lobby/waiting area I had ever been in. Usually shelters, rescues, vet offices, etc bring about that airy, clean yet slightly-disinfectant smell to them. But Angels looked like it didn’t care how much gunk was tracked everywhere. It was really dirty, smelled awful, and I felt bad for the cat who was being dropped off.

They have a high turnover for spay/neuters. This is great! But, misinforming someone that their dog’s stitches are dissolvable and they have to have their vet put the dog under to remove them is fucked up (the dog was taken to Angels by the person’s now ex, the poor dog got an infection because of the stitches). Also ignoring a cat, who had just been neutered, that is covered in its own pee and then telling the owner they can’t bathe the cat for 24 hours? What the hell (the cat was owned by another person we know. the owner was appalled and described the cat as “being soaked in urine” and “the most hideous thing” they had ever seen when it came to an animal being treated or having a type of surgery)

That’s just poor practice in my opinion.

They also require you to be available 24/7 for volunteer work–at least, this is pretty much how it was worded when I checked in on it. If you have a job or you don’t drive, they give you this disgusted look and pretty much tell you if you’re not available when they want you, you can’t volunteer there.

Honestly, if you live anywhere near Franklin County’s Planned Pethood and need a low-cost spay or neuter, I highly recommend them. Or, if you live within a reasonable driving distance to Planned Pethood, I highly recommend them for spay/neuter as well as checking out all the awesome animals they have available. They’re clean, they ask if you want to put your baby in the crate they’ll be in before they go into surgery, they offer Cone of Shames if you need one, they explain in detail every single thing. They also do grooming and can trim nails if it’s needed. If you have questions they will answer them or find someone who can answer them for you.

Firefly and Bug were spayed at Planned Pethood and it cost approximately $70 (spaying, Cone of Shame, medication) and they explained the animal has to have this medication, it is not an option. They microchip (Hobbes was neutered there before we got him and he was microchipped after Charles, a great guy who works there, and I bathed him) and microchipping is like $25 (pretty standard). They want you to go see their animals and their kennel areas are amazing.

I have no idea what Angels’ kennel areas look like since apparently you need an appointment to even go see if your lost animal is in their holding.

Yes, they helped out with Trooper, but so did a lot of other people.

I really don’t like their childish prodding with a thinly veiled “They don’t do anything, only we do stuff here.”

But, like I said as I started out, this is my personal opinion as an animal lover and resident of Roanoke. On a professional level, I will be nice, I will be courteous, I will be professional, but I really don’t think they know how to be. Or at least those who do the write ups; those who are part of the team who pulls animals from shelters; those who complain, whine, and bitch; and those who support that highly biased original peice by WSLS.

Maybe this is just my naivete, but shouldn’t all rescue organizations try to work together? Isn’t everyone trying to, overall, do the same thing? Make sure every animal gets a home and the number of homeless animals goes down. Shouldn’t there be some level of respect with all rescue organizations to each other, at least enough respect to not point fingers and mindlessly accuse each other of things. Especially things that are out of someone’s control.

Speaking of WSLS: it would’ve been a lot nicer if there was more effort made to the original article, or, at least, more effort in pointing out the “Ooops, we fucked up.” Instead of a short blurb on the website we had to dig for.


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