adventures in new bathrooms

Technically, it’s Jamie’s adventure for the bathroom.

When we got the house, the bathroom was this…rather bizarre shade of green that either looked like the green part of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream or Lime Sorbet.

This is what it looked like for almost 3 years (we’ve had other things to deal with like the basement flooding, the Central Air unit busting, the hot water heater’s inner lining bursting, the privacy fence, the kitchen sink, etc). We went back and forth with what we were going to do with it, all we knew is that we did not want green and we wanted a new sink/vanity.

We can’t do dark colours for the walls, this room is tiny.

We don’t have much room, the shelving was built…oddly and we can’t rip it out because that’s where all the electrical things are. The vanity is this huge white monstrosity. If you can’t tell, these are the photos Jamie took after we cleaned the bathroom out and happily knocked all the towel/toilet paper hardware off with a hammer (it was fun!). Getting the hardware off was great, especially since most of it just came out with a little jiggling and fingernails (this is not good, they had no support at all).

Jamie told me, after he and his dad (Fred) were re-doing everything, that the mirror (as seen in these photos) was glued on with Liquid Nails. The little screws and holdy-up things were just there for decoration. Awesome. And for whatever reason, we’re not surprised.

So after hours of working on this, Jamie picked me up from work to show me what he had done. They’d painted, put in the new vanity/sink, put up the medicine cabinet we’d picked out and the shelf to go with it, and a new light fixture.

This photo was taken after we’d gotten everything back up and put in its place. The walls are a super light cream colour with a border that is about 1 shade darker. The vanity and medicine cabinet match the shower curtain we’d already had.

I got to put up our new towel rack, which matches the new faucet (so, in a way, we kind of got to work on slightly Steampunking the house a bit which makes me splee).



The new light fixture is upside down (it’s the only way it would work and I like it) and currently does not have shades on it. We will have to spend time looking for shades that will fit that are not frosted. The cabinet and shelf is completely full of things, which added a little bit of room to our cramped shelving area and to the fact that the vanity is now currently *much* smaller than the original (by at least 12 inches)



It was hard getting a decent shot of the vanity since the room is still tiny, but there’s a bit more moving room. A good portion of the shelf-space in the vanity itself is for the pipe, it’s made with one drawer inside and that is full of things, there is also a small amount of room around the pipe to put things.

The accessories match; we figured it’d be a good idea since the last trash can we had had butterflies on it and was really gross (we threw it away months ago) and the toilet brush holder was this cute little dog Jamie’s mom (Rhonda) had found and gave to us when we moved in together…almost six years ago. We never used it, it was more decorative than anything.

Jamie still has paint in his hair from painting it. We’re really hoping we won’t have to do anything else to the bathroom except maybe re-grout the tub tile and possibly change it up just a tiny bit.


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