let’s try it

I decided to grab some energy bars for work. I enjoy subjecting myself to the masochism of power/energy bars. Most of these are not great, but sometimes you get a great one and it keeps you wanting to try more.

Kashi Go Lean: Chocolate Almond – Non-memorable. I remember it had a light chocolatey taste (because there’s a chocolate coating on the bottom), but I do not remember any almond or anything of that nature. There was a bit of carob/chocolate taste and it was crunchy. I will probably not get this one again.

Kashi Go Lean: Chocolate Caramel – This was pretty neat, it has popcorn pieces in it! I would buy this again. It does kind of have a carob-y taste to it.

Powerbar: Toffee Chocolate Chip – Pretty decent, a lot better than the chocolate almond energy bar. I would buy this again.

Powerbar: Double Chocoalte Crisp – tastes like preacher cookies!  Pretty awesome, it’s pretty filling, and I enjoyed it.

Kashi Go Lean: Cinnamon Coffee Cake – It has that bizarre yogurt layer of stuff on the bottom. It tastes more like a peice of candy or something than coffee cake. It is also much thinner than the other Kashi bars that I’ve tried thus far.
Guru Juicy: Superfruit – The very beginning taste is like omg, I must spit this out! It tastes like there should be liquor in it. Then, the aftertaste is…wow. It tastes like Fruitopia! This is awesome! But not awesome enough to drink more than a few sips because that initial taste is really gross. I doubt I’ll try it again, which is ok since our local Kroger, where we’ve found this, is getting rid of their stock completely.


We bought some new wines for our little birthday party:

Tomasillo’s Cherry: We found this to be so fucking nasty, we dumped out the bottle after both of us took a sip.

Tomasillo’s Red Raspberry: It tastes like raspberry jam. If you do not like raspberries or anything like that, I would not suggest this wine. Apparently Jamie and our friend Robert hate this wine, but I thought it tasted really interesting.

It looks like we’ll be sticking with the Tomasillo’s Pomegranate, Verdi, and Barefoot’s Sweet Red for the most part.


And now, I need to work on getting Jamie’s foodstuff together for tomorrow, wash the dishes that need to be washed, put up the serving plates and hope like hell they fit where I want them, and work on dinner. I also need to work on typing up the remaining information for the Rescue Coordination group we’re part of, I need to feed The Lone Gunmen and make sure I give them Yogie treats (it’s been a couple days, they’ll be excited), I need to make sure Ranger’s ok (the RVSPCA’s heater has died, we were asked if we could take Ranger temporarily. Ann Marie thought he would be great with us since we are pretty good with his quirks), and make sure Izzy hasn’t peed her crate



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