lazy man’s party

The Big Day arrived (for the party) , Jamie and I had been up working on extra cleaning, doing extra prep-work, anything and everything to make sure the house did not look like it was lived in by the people who live in it, and all that fun stuff.

We worked on a playlist of songs, took the beasts out one last time before guests arrived, and while Jamie and I were sitting on the porch, Hobbes was staring, extremely confused, over these weird colourful moving objects (balloons), and Bug was having a ball doing zoomies around the yard.

In case you don’t know, Pit Bulls (and pittie types) do not have breaks. When they run, they run full speed ahead and when they stop they slide (this includes concrete and grass). If you are near a pittie doing zoomies or running, your knees are fair game. In my case, my face was fair game.

We were sitting on the steps of the back porch just hanging out and Bug comes flying up, trying to leap past/between us and go crazy on the porch. Except, she has no sense of distance so my face got slammed into (head and shoulder) by a 54 lbs excitable mass of wiggles trying to do as much zoomies as possible. It hurt, I’m surprised my glasses aren’t broken, and I poured a glass of wine to help deal with it.

Shortly thereafter, Robert came with Max (Max is a Jack Russell) and we got Max to meet Fly. Max did pretty well and he got to hang out with us for a bit. Ray showed up shortly thereafter and we all headed inside to hang out. Bob, Action Hero and April followed not too long after.

The get-together commenced, wine was opened (Amrhein’s, a local winery, “Passion” red wine is…really fucking gross), Ray made a small mixed drink and tried one of the Jello shots Jamie was insistent he make, and we spent time nomming little bits and bobs we had out (veggie tray, fruit tray, crackers with garlic hummus, brownies,  and something else). We talked, hung out, and just had fun.  Like normal, we all simply congregated in the kitchen and no where else.

The person we were worried about coming didn’t show up so we were quite pleased with that. Emily wasn’t able to show up because, as we found out early this morning, ended up getting sick. Bob and April had to leave early because they had to go to work, Ray left a while afterwards because he had to go back up home (he lives at the edge of Pulaski, which is a decent drive), and we spent some time talking with Robert. We sent Robert home with a small goodie bag for Leland since he wasn’t able to come. I think I volunteered myself to do web-type stuff if things with the meeting committee he is on goes to hell in a handbasket. We offered to go to those meetings, but Jamie does physical training stuff on Mondays and that’s when the meetings are.


I am rather amused. Our get-together consisted of finger-type foods and everyone just hanging out in the kitchen. It was low-key which I enjoyed (and I know Jamie was thrilled with). We learned Firefly really does not like balloons, Hobbes is just confuzzled by them. And a small majority of our extra bits went to Rhonda, who showed up to see Jamie (she got our rather large cheese tray, which I was hoping to steal a few pieces from when I got off work, the white cheddar was awesome).

Well, it wasn’t too bad. We’ve learned the Cherry Tomasillo wine is not all that great, Barefoot’s Sweet Red does not taste awesome after a glass of Verdi, and enough wine in you will help you forget you can’t wear your glasses and there’s a nice bruise showing up at your eyebrow.

Tomorrow, the beasts will get their treats. Bug and Hobbes get their little bizarre peanut butter cakes and Fly and Izzy get some carob-chip cookies that kind of melted into these blobs of carob cookies.

We are exhausted. I think it’s from the obsessive cleaning that we were trying to do on Friday and Saturday (and work), then getting all the foodstuff together, then the party, and the relief of stress of it being over.

I will also be doing a review on the wines we tried (with what I remember) as well as these neat little energy bars I’ve grabbed and posstibly the dog-treats. I don’t know yet. If it’s not tomorrow, it’s because I’m working on catching up with Doctor Who or running errands. Woo.


One thought on “lazy man’s party

  1. You’ll be running errands, if you ever get out of bed ;)

    We’ve got the doctor at 1:00pm, the gym, the bank, and the shelter meeting at 4:30…

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