trying wine

I don’t care for wine, I have found that most of them have a resemblance to Easter egg dye or rancid apple cider vinegar mixed with some unknown chemical. But, we’re adventurers and are willing to try things. It’s fun to do and we can find those little bottles available in single.

For New Year’s, we headed over to our friends’ house and they had a small selection of those weird French lemonades and various wine-like things. We opted to try out the Prosecco and Verdi and found the Verdi to be fun, so this may have started off our little let’s try it! approach.

The other day, we bought a couple of those little bottles and decided to try them out:

We’ll review in the order of the photo



Barefoot’s Cabernet Sauvignon: Jamie made a face and said he didn’t care for it. I found it to taste like an old drink that lost all its carbonation or kind of like a rum-and-coke that’s been sitting out for a few hours and almost al the fizz is gone. We were a bit let down by this because we had tried their “New!” California Sweet Red and it was really tasty. We won’t buy this again, but we’re hoping other Barefoot wines are like the Sweet Red, which will will buy again.

Zonin, Brut, Prosecco: Jamie made a face and dumped it into my glass. I have now tasted great prosecco (at our friends’ house) and bad prosecco (this). Also, negative points because upon opening, it sort of exploded into a mass of bubbles and sticky. We will not buy this again.

Chandon Rosé: Jamie said it smelled sour and was like an explosion of flavor in the not so fun, burning all your tastebuds off kind of way. I found this to have that normal bitter wine taste with bubbles, so to me it tasted like rotting, or stale, soured grapes with carbonation. I was disappointed, I had heard the more pinkish wines were supposed to be good. We will not purchase this again.

Cavit Pinot Grigio: Jamie liked this one, pointed out it was a really smooth taste and not too bad. I found it is really smooth, it has a nice white grape taste with a lighter wine bite near the end than most white wines have that we’ve tried. There is a chance we would purchase this again.

Tomasello Winery’s Pomegranate Wine: Jamie found this wine and had to try it (he loves pomegranates) his first reaction was “This shit’s pretty good” and took another sip. He said it was pretty smooth and tasted like pomegranates. I found it is smooth, is pretty sweet but the sweetness is easily forgetable, and it tastes like Pom juice. This wine also made me think of Ursula V one of the episodes of Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap where she goes off about drinking so much wine until you die. I think it’s one of the teen episodes. We will definitely be buying this again.

Also in the photo is a very unclear shot of the Verdi bottle. It is a pain in the ass to find if you have no idea where exactly to look, and it doesn’t help when the store you find it in has a habit of moving it around. Jamie finds Verdi to be a bit too sweet for him but he does like it. Me, I can drink a whole bottle by myself in about 20 minutes if I’m not paying attention.

Overall, I’m a liquor kind of person. Give me a bottle of Passion Fruit Rum and some Coke and I am a happy person. I don’t understand the obsession with wine just like I don’t understand the obsession with Lager vs. Ale and who makes the best one. But, it’s fun to try new things and sometimes you get surprised and find something you like.


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