party planning

We’ve planned a small party for Hobbes’ 2nd birthday, which is “sometime around the 2nd or 3rd week of February” as far as we’re concerned. We’re silly people so we have party hats and Frosty Paws for the dogs and have decided to throw a small get-together for friends to hang out under the guise of “Come celebrate Hobbes’ birthday with us!”

I don’t know how to plan a party. The last “party” I planned I was 10 and it was a disaster. I’m still pretty clueless about these things at 24 (planning a wedding will be an interesting endeavor, that’s for sure). I’ve got ideas based on parties Jamie and I have attending (paper plates and plastic cups are advisable, wine is an option, and use finger-foods), but now it’s the Wednesday before and I’m still not entirely sure what exactly I should do.

We know officially 10 people are showing up, so we’re planning for 15. We need to move the dogs out of their room and put them into the Orange Room (our extra room where most of the art/craft supplies are) and have an extra room, the rats need to go somewhere, the extra poo-box needs to go in the bedroom where Snooch is going to hide.

The best idea of foodstuff is: veggie trays, that really awesome cheese dip that will probably be available in 2 different varieties (one with ground turkey, one without), these little spinach and asiago doo-hickies we found how to make that are awesome.

The best idea for drinks is: soda in a few varieties, Verdi for me, maybe that neat Sweet Red Barefoot wine, and…no idea.

We were unfortunately informed that someone whom we did not intend to come will show up. Jamie and I have decided if this person shows up without the person we invited (the invitation only had one name on it), we will make a scene or at least I will make a very loud scene and probably piss someone off. It’ll be fun.

Entertainment is mainly hanging out, video games if they want (if anyone knows how to fix our NES I will love them forever), we figured the dogs are entertaining enough as it is.

The only other main plan is to take down the gate for the living room, buy some cheap chairs if we need to, and hope like hell it’s nice outside so we can do outside-type things. So, this’ll either be a fun get-together with friends and having an afternoon of just hanging out or this’ll be a failure and we’ll know we suck as hosts and probably won’t try it again. At least for a while.

We’re attempting to work on a Master List for groceries. I read somewhere that you have to get your party groceries at least a week in advance. Ha! We don’t have room and I don’t get paid until Friday. But hey, last minute shopping and all that hoopla is half the fun I guess.


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