um, what?

It’s always strange starting a new blog/journal, but I’ve come to a point where I feel like it’s time I should. I am disenchanted by one host for posting (but I do still log in so I can read things) and I feel a bit…confined/perturbed with the other main blog/journal host I intended to use. So, on to start a new one. Woo.

Let’s see, I guess I could work on what I intend to use this blog for as of now:

+ Animals: we are currently up to 4 dogs, 3 rats, 2 cats, and 1 leopard gecko. Also foster-pets. Yes we live in a zoo, we are aware of this, we are aware of our limitations and we are at the maximum limitation we feel we can work with.

(when I say “we” I talk about Jamie, my spouse, and myself. It is a habit I have formed and don’t feel like working on breaking)

+ Crafty-things: I am one of those artsy-fartsy crafty people and I really do not know why. My intention will be to talk about what I’m working on, post photos, talk about plans for projects, etc.

This includes: beadwork (mainly glass beads), knitting (I use looms), fabricky things, crochet, other string-things, etc.

+ Foods: I enjoy cooking, I also like to take photos of things I’ve made.  I also enjoy that whole review aspect of things tried out. So it’s fun to write about them and maybe show photos of what I’m talking about. This’ll include random things we’ve tried (like “Big Foot Ale”), things we’ve made for humans, things we’ve made for the beasts (the dogs), whatever.


I do write up reviews for movies and books, but I put them up on my rinky-dink site. I enjoy it, and it’s mainly for us (well, that’s the intended use for those reviews) so we can look back and see what we watched/read so we can either watch it again or avoid it at all costs, and it’s also a reminder for what we’ve watched or read.


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