adventures in new bathrooms

Technically, it’s Jamie’s adventure for the bathroom.

When we got the house, the bathroom was this…rather bizarre shade of green that either looked like the green part of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream or Lime Sorbet.

This is what it looked like for almost 3 years (we’ve had other things to deal with like the basement flooding, the Central Air unit busting, the hot water heater’s inner lining bursting, the privacy fence, the kitchen sink, etc). We went back and forth with what we were going to do with it, all we knew is that we did not want green and we wanted a new sink/vanity.

We can’t do dark colours for the walls, this room is tiny.

We don’t have much room, the shelving was built…oddly and we can’t rip it out because that’s where all the electrical things are. The vanity is this huge white monstrosity. If you can’t tell, these are the photos Jamie took after we cleaned the bathroom out and happily knocked all the towel/toilet paper hardware off with a hammer (it was fun!). Getting the hardware off was great, especially since most of it just came out with a little jiggling and fingernails (this is not good, they had no support at all).

Jamie told me, after he and his dad (Fred) were re-doing everything, that the mirror (as seen in these photos) was glued on with Liquid Nails. The little screws and holdy-up things were just there for decoration. Awesome. And for whatever reason, we’re not surprised.

So after hours of working on this, Jamie picked me up from work to show me what he had done. They’d painted, put in the new vanity/sink, put up the medicine cabinet we’d picked out and the shelf to go with it, and a new light fixture.

This photo was taken after we’d gotten everything back up and put in its place. The walls are a super light cream colour with a border that is about 1 shade darker. The vanity and medicine cabinet match the shower curtain we’d already had.

I got to put up our new towel rack, which matches the new faucet (so, in a way, we kind of got to work on slightly Steampunking the house a bit which makes me splee).



The new light fixture is upside down (it’s the only way it would work and I like it) and currently does not have shades on it. We will have to spend time looking for shades that will fit that are not frosted. The cabinet and shelf is completely full of things, which added a little bit of room to our cramped shelving area and to the fact that the vanity is now currently *much* smaller than the original (by at least 12 inches)



It was hard getting a decent shot of the vanity since the room is still tiny, but there’s a bit more moving room. A good portion of the shelf-space in the vanity itself is for the pipe, it’s made with one drawer inside and that is full of things, there is also a small amount of room around the pipe to put things.

The accessories match; we figured it’d be a good idea since the last trash can we had had butterflies on it and was really gross (we threw it away months ago) and the toilet brush holder was this cute little dog Jamie’s mom (Rhonda) had found and gave to us when we moved in together…almost six years ago. We never used it, it was more decorative than anything.

Jamie still has paint in his hair from painting it. We’re really hoping we won’t have to do anything else to the bathroom except maybe re-grout the tub tile and possibly change it up just a tiny bit.


let’s try it

I decided to grab some energy bars for work. I enjoy subjecting myself to the masochism of power/energy bars. Most of these are not great, but sometimes you get a great one and it keeps you wanting to try more.

Kashi Go Lean: Chocolate Almond – Non-memorable. I remember it had a light chocolatey taste (because there’s a chocolate coating on the bottom), but I do not remember any almond or anything of that nature. There was a bit of carob/chocolate taste and it was crunchy. I will probably not get this one again.

Kashi Go Lean: Chocolate Caramel – This was pretty neat, it has popcorn pieces in it! I would buy this again. It does kind of have a carob-y taste to it.

Powerbar: Toffee Chocolate Chip – Pretty decent, a lot better than the chocolate almond energy bar. I would buy this again.

Powerbar: Double Chocoalte Crisp – tastes like preacher cookies!  Pretty awesome, it’s pretty filling, and I enjoyed it.

Kashi Go Lean: Cinnamon Coffee Cake – It has that bizarre yogurt layer of stuff on the bottom. It tastes more like a peice of candy or something than coffee cake. It is also much thinner than the other Kashi bars that I’ve tried thus far.
Guru Juicy: Superfruit – The very beginning taste is like omg, I must spit this out! It tastes like there should be liquor in it. Then, the aftertaste is…wow. It tastes like Fruitopia! This is awesome! But not awesome enough to drink more than a few sips because that initial taste is really gross. I doubt I’ll try it again, which is ok since our local Kroger, where we’ve found this, is getting rid of their stock completely.


We bought some new wines for our little birthday party:

Tomasillo’s Cherry: We found this to be so fucking nasty, we dumped out the bottle after both of us took a sip.

Tomasillo’s Red Raspberry: It tastes like raspberry jam. If you do not like raspberries or anything like that, I would not suggest this wine. Apparently Jamie and our friend Robert hate this wine, but I thought it tasted really interesting.

It looks like we’ll be sticking with the Tomasillo’s Pomegranate, Verdi, and Barefoot’s Sweet Red for the most part.


And now, I need to work on getting Jamie’s foodstuff together for tomorrow, wash the dishes that need to be washed, put up the serving plates and hope like hell they fit where I want them, and work on dinner. I also need to work on typing up the remaining information for the Rescue Coordination group we’re part of, I need to feed The Lone Gunmen and make sure I give them Yogie treats (it’s been a couple days, they’ll be excited), I need to make sure Ranger’s ok (the RVSPCA’s heater has died, we were asked if we could take Ranger temporarily. Ann Marie thought he would be great with us since we are pretty good with his quirks), and make sure Izzy hasn’t peed her crate


lazy man’s party

The Big Day arrived (for the party) , Jamie and I had been up working on extra cleaning, doing extra prep-work, anything and everything to make sure the house did not look like it was lived in by the people who live in it, and all that fun stuff.

We worked on a playlist of songs, took the beasts out one last time before guests arrived, and while Jamie and I were sitting on the porch, Hobbes was staring, extremely confused, over these weird colourful moving objects (balloons), and Bug was having a ball doing zoomies around the yard.

In case you don’t know, Pit Bulls (and pittie types) do not have breaks. When they run, they run full speed ahead and when they stop they slide (this includes concrete and grass). If you are near a pittie doing zoomies or running, your knees are fair game. In my case, my face was fair game.

We were sitting on the steps of the back porch just hanging out and Bug comes flying up, trying to leap past/between us and go crazy on the porch. Except, she has no sense of distance so my face got slammed into (head and shoulder) by a 54 lbs excitable mass of wiggles trying to do as much zoomies as possible. It hurt, I’m surprised my glasses aren’t broken, and I poured a glass of wine to help deal with it.

Shortly thereafter, Robert came with Max (Max is a Jack Russell) and we got Max to meet Fly. Max did pretty well and he got to hang out with us for a bit. Ray showed up shortly thereafter and we all headed inside to hang out. Bob, Action Hero and April followed not too long after.

The get-together commenced, wine was opened (Amrhein’s, a local winery, “Passion” red wine is…really fucking gross), Ray made a small mixed drink and tried one of the Jello shots Jamie was insistent he make, and we spent time nomming little bits and bobs we had out (veggie tray, fruit tray, crackers with garlic hummus, brownies,  and something else). We talked, hung out, and just had fun.  Like normal, we all simply congregated in the kitchen and no where else.

The person we were worried about coming didn’t show up so we were quite pleased with that. Emily wasn’t able to show up because, as we found out early this morning, ended up getting sick. Bob and April had to leave early because they had to go to work, Ray left a while afterwards because he had to go back up home (he lives at the edge of Pulaski, which is a decent drive), and we spent some time talking with Robert. We sent Robert home with a small goodie bag for Leland since he wasn’t able to come. I think I volunteered myself to do web-type stuff if things with the meeting committee he is on goes to hell in a handbasket. We offered to go to those meetings, but Jamie does physical training stuff on Mondays and that’s when the meetings are.


I am rather amused. Our get-together consisted of finger-type foods and everyone just hanging out in the kitchen. It was low-key which I enjoyed (and I know Jamie was thrilled with). We learned Firefly really does not like balloons, Hobbes is just confuzzled by them. And a small majority of our extra bits went to Rhonda, who showed up to see Jamie (she got our rather large cheese tray, which I was hoping to steal a few pieces from when I got off work, the white cheddar was awesome).

Well, it wasn’t too bad. We’ve learned the Cherry Tomasillo wine is not all that great, Barefoot’s Sweet Red does not taste awesome after a glass of Verdi, and enough wine in you will help you forget you can’t wear your glasses and there’s a nice bruise showing up at your eyebrow.

Tomorrow, the beasts will get their treats. Bug and Hobbes get their little bizarre peanut butter cakes and Fly and Izzy get some carob-chip cookies that kind of melted into these blobs of carob cookies.

We are exhausted. I think it’s from the obsessive cleaning that we were trying to do on Friday and Saturday (and work), then getting all the foodstuff together, then the party, and the relief of stress of it being over.

I will also be doing a review on the wines we tried (with what I remember) as well as these neat little energy bars I’ve grabbed and posstibly the dog-treats. I don’t know yet. If it’s not tomorrow, it’s because I’m working on catching up with Doctor Who or running errands. Woo.

party planning

We’ve planned a small party for Hobbes’ 2nd birthday, which is “sometime around the 2nd or 3rd week of February” as far as we’re concerned. We’re silly people so we have party hats and Frosty Paws for the dogs and have decided to throw a small get-together for friends to hang out under the guise of “Come celebrate Hobbes’ birthday with us!”

I don’t know how to plan a party. The last “party” I planned I was 10 and it was a disaster. I’m still pretty clueless about these things at 24 (planning a wedding will be an interesting endeavor, that’s for sure). I’ve got ideas based on parties Jamie and I have attending (paper plates and plastic cups are advisable, wine is an option, and use finger-foods), but now it’s the Wednesday before and I’m still not entirely sure what exactly I should do.

We know officially 10 people are showing up, so we’re planning for 15. We need to move the dogs out of their room and put them into the Orange Room (our extra room where most of the art/craft supplies are) and have an extra room, the rats need to go somewhere, the extra poo-box needs to go in the bedroom where Snooch is going to hide.

The best idea of foodstuff is: veggie trays, that really awesome cheese dip that will probably be available in 2 different varieties (one with ground turkey, one without), these little spinach and asiago doo-hickies we found how to make that are awesome.

The best idea for drinks is: soda in a few varieties, Verdi for me, maybe that neat Sweet Red Barefoot wine, and…no idea.

We were unfortunately informed that someone whom we did not intend to come will show up. Jamie and I have decided if this person shows up without the person we invited (the invitation only had one name on it), we will make a scene or at least I will make a very loud scene and probably piss someone off. It’ll be fun.

Entertainment is mainly hanging out, video games if they want (if anyone knows how to fix our NES I will love them forever), we figured the dogs are entertaining enough as it is.

The only other main plan is to take down the gate for the living room, buy some cheap chairs if we need to, and hope like hell it’s nice outside so we can do outside-type things. So, this’ll either be a fun get-together with friends and having an afternoon of just hanging out or this’ll be a failure and we’ll know we suck as hosts and probably won’t try it again. At least for a while.

We’re attempting to work on a Master List for groceries. I read somewhere that you have to get your party groceries at least a week in advance. Ha! We don’t have room and I don’t get paid until Friday. But hey, last minute shopping and all that hoopla is half the fun I guess.

trying wine

I don’t care for wine, I have found that most of them have a resemblance to Easter egg dye or rancid apple cider vinegar mixed with some unknown chemical. But, we’re adventurers and are willing to try things. It’s fun to do and we can find those little bottles available in single.

For New Year’s, we headed over to our friends’ house and they had a small selection of those weird French lemonades and various wine-like things. We opted to try out the Prosecco and Verdi and found the Verdi to be fun, so this may have started off our little let’s try it! approach.

The other day, we bought a couple of those little bottles and decided to try them out:

We’ll review in the order of the photo



Barefoot’s Cabernet Sauvignon: Jamie made a face and said he didn’t care for it. I found it to taste like an old drink that lost all its carbonation or kind of like a rum-and-coke that’s been sitting out for a few hours and almost al the fizz is gone. We were a bit let down by this because we had tried their “New!” California Sweet Red and it was really tasty. We won’t buy this again, but we’re hoping other Barefoot wines are like the Sweet Red, which will will buy again.

Zonin, Brut, Prosecco: Jamie made a face and dumped it into my glass. I have now tasted great prosecco (at our friends’ house) and bad prosecco (this). Also, negative points because upon opening, it sort of exploded into a mass of bubbles and sticky. We will not buy this again.

Chandon Rosé: Jamie said it smelled sour and was like an explosion of flavor in the not so fun, burning all your tastebuds off kind of way. I found this to have that normal bitter wine taste with bubbles, so to me it tasted like rotting, or stale, soured grapes with carbonation. I was disappointed, I had heard the more pinkish wines were supposed to be good. We will not purchase this again.

Cavit Pinot Grigio: Jamie liked this one, pointed out it was a really smooth taste and not too bad. I found it is really smooth, it has a nice white grape taste with a lighter wine bite near the end than most white wines have that we’ve tried. There is a chance we would purchase this again.

Tomasello Winery’s Pomegranate Wine: Jamie found this wine and had to try it (he loves pomegranates) his first reaction was “This shit’s pretty good” and took another sip. He said it was pretty smooth and tasted like pomegranates. I found it is smooth, is pretty sweet but the sweetness is easily forgetable, and it tastes like Pom juice. This wine also made me think of Ursula V one of the episodes of Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap where she goes off about drinking so much wine until you die. I think it’s one of the teen episodes. We will definitely be buying this again.

Also in the photo is a very unclear shot of the Verdi bottle. It is a pain in the ass to find if you have no idea where exactly to look, and it doesn’t help when the store you find it in has a habit of moving it around. Jamie finds Verdi to be a bit too sweet for him but he does like it. Me, I can drink a whole bottle by myself in about 20 minutes if I’m not paying attention.

Overall, I’m a liquor kind of person. Give me a bottle of Passion Fruit Rum and some Coke and I am a happy person. I don’t understand the obsession with wine just like I don’t understand the obsession with Lager vs. Ale and who makes the best one. But, it’s fun to try new things and sometimes you get surprised and find something you like.

um, what?

It’s always strange starting a new blog/journal, but I’ve come to a point where I feel like it’s time I should. I am disenchanted by one host for posting (but I do still log in so I can read things) and I feel a bit…confined/perturbed with the other main blog/journal host I intended to use. So, on to start a new one. Woo.

Let’s see, I guess I could work on what I intend to use this blog for as of now:

+ Animals: we are currently up to 4 dogs, 3 rats, 2 cats, and 1 leopard gecko. Also foster-pets. Yes we live in a zoo, we are aware of this, we are aware of our limitations and we are at the maximum limitation we feel we can work with.

(when I say “we” I talk about Jamie, my spouse, and myself. It is a habit I have formed and don’t feel like working on breaking)

+ Crafty-things: I am one of those artsy-fartsy crafty people and I really do not know why. My intention will be to talk about what I’m working on, post photos, talk about plans for projects, etc.

This includes: beadwork (mainly glass beads), knitting (I use looms), fabricky things, crochet, other string-things, etc.

+ Foods: I enjoy cooking, I also like to take photos of things I’ve made.  I also enjoy that whole review aspect of things tried out. So it’s fun to write about them and maybe show photos of what I’m talking about. This’ll include random things we’ve tried (like “Big Foot Ale”), things we’ve made for humans, things we’ve made for the beasts (the dogs), whatever.


I do write up reviews for movies and books, but I put them up on my rinky-dink site. I enjoy it, and it’s mainly for us (well, that’s the intended use for those reviews) so we can look back and see what we watched/read so we can either watch it again or avoid it at all costs, and it’s also a reminder for what we’ve watched or read.